Inktober 2021 – Set 3

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October 29, 2021 by bck1402

By this point, the idea of creating keyart for the new Syndi-Jean story was starting to strain a little, and there was a time factor in some cases. This lead to the odd decision to not share too much in terms of the accompanying text on Instagram or Twitter where the posts were mainly uploaded. (Instagram would share post to FB anyway, and I would also upload to Ello. Try searching for my ‘bck1402’ handle on any of those sites.)

The keyart issue was just how much was I going to share… would it be considered spoilers for the eventual story? Or is it something to look forward to?

Well, as “Writing” is one of the key shares here (and on the author site), I guess it’s all part of the process for now.

So, on with the next set of 8 drawings.

Day 17 – Collide

Again, part of the writing project which makes this another piece of keyart for the new screenplay / script. Syndi-Jean would need to be tested if she’s to take ont he protector job, and Senichi would be the one to test her.

Day 18 – Moon

And here’s where we might be in spoiler territory for the story. There will be the hard choice for Syndi-Jean to make, although would it be this? The illustrated situation is just meant to follow the prompt, but in my mind, there is that moment in the story.
On its own, it may not mean much, but if the previous pieces of keyart are anything to go by, well…

Day 19 – Loop

I try to do one for Breast Cancer Awareness around this time. I usually post it on the 20th and for Day 19, I am running one day behind. So the timing was correct and it sort of fit the daily prompt. Often I’d do a separate piece, but I really didn’t have time to do two pieces in one day this year, time allocation and all.

Day 20 – Sprout

Back to potential spoiler territory, and again… on its own, it may not mean much out of context, especially since I haven’t really given away any major plot points within the story itself. It’s coming together still, but things are gelling as I’m churning out these keyart pieces.
In my mind, I know where all these are fitting in within that already written skeleton. We’re just attaching more bones and joints.

Day 21 – Fuzzy

This was a Thursday and I went off to watch a movie in the cinema. Coming home and trying to settle to draw something ended up just dabbing with a dry-brush into something of a shape… and a cat emerged.
So, yeah… this is more a rough sketch with the brush. And I could make the cat fuzzy as prompted.

Day 22 – Open

This may or may not be a piece of keyart for the script, but since it’s set in Japan, I suppose it could be part of the story. Syndi-Jean doesn’t sleep much so it could just be a quiet moment.
I overdid the ‘garden’ and it came out murky… and adding the colours didn’t help at all.

Day 23 – Leak

Ironically, this was a dry day and I couldn’t figure out anything… well… not really. I thought of doing a portrait of Syndi-Jean with a bleed (leak), but it didn’t seem right.
The circle motif was there on paper, so I just had some..thing leak fromt he base, and the rest filled in quickly in order to just get something posted for the day.

Day 24 – Extinct

A small portion of the script project will take place in the DreamWorld (established in the books – see below), a place where fantastical creatures can exist… even extinct ones, not that I actually included any. Just a couple of dragons flying in the distance.
Again, thought I over did it and maybe it was too murky, but I shouldn’t have added the colours here. It was better the other way.
And it’s one more week to the end of this year’s Inktober. Seven more prompts, and maybe a few more keyart pieces… and I should get to writing it all out next (NaNoWriMo? Never done that before, but it’d be an excuse).
Back in about a week with the last set.

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