Inktober 2021 – Set 02

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October 20, 2021 by bck1402

This is the period / week when the pressure to keep doing this as a daily hits. It ended up with one day where I really couldn’t get any idea and just quickly did some drawing… and another day where… oh, you’ll know when you see it below.
It’s something I’ve done before when I run out of ideas and play with the word instead.

So let’s get on with the next set of 8 drawings.

Day 09 – Pressure

Even with the post, I had to note that the pressure was on to keep this going… but keeping to the concept of creating keyart for the new Syndi-Jean story, there had to be a scene where Senichi is wounded. This would open the way for Jeannie to be appointed as Keiko’s bodyguard later.
Only thing is actually how he gets wounded, despite what is drawn (with dashes of red) showing Gekishi might be the one who did it. That’s still in flux. There was something else percolating below the surface there.

Day 10 – Pick

And as I had created a new profile pick of Syndi-Jean for my FB Author page, I updated the profile pic for my personal FB page. It is a similar image from last year with the giant teddy bear and the sweet girl.
Like before, just wishful dreaming.
I remain hopeful.

Day 11 – Sour

And the slump hits with zero ideas on how to get this going. I wanted to post by a specific time everyday, and… well… I just threw something onto the paper.

Day 12 – Stuck

Back to doing keyart and this was a moment where some researchers get stuck on a sample they have put their hopes on, and it doesn’t work out leading to some more drastic measures… Yeh, I’m keeping this close, and I know where and how it’s meant to fit into the story.
The prompt helped to push for some clarity… so the project of combining the two is pushing forward as with…

Day 13 – Roof

There was a flip of an idea going on. The whole concept was to have Syndi-Jean be the second banana to the overall story, let Keiko take lead. But there is something unique about Syndi-Jean (it’s there in the books and will have to remember to re-establish for this new story) that can come into play.
And this would be a cool visual if the screenplay becomes more than just words on paper…, right?

Day 14 – Tick

And there’s the next stumper with zero idea of how to tie the propmpt to the project. It was going to happen from time to time and not every day was going to bring out a piece of keyart.
Just a “T” going “ick!”

Day 15 – Helmet

Given that Syndi-Jean was going to stay at Keiko’s place, and the family has a long history, there would be relics around the house and Syndi-Jean would be drawn to these weapons, armours… and of course, parts of the armour like a battle-scarred helmet.

Day 16 – Compass

This was actually a skip day because I venture forth to catch Dune (and hopefully nothing else) in the cinemas (Reviewed here) and by the time I got home, I didn’t have much time to really give this much thought.
Still, got the review up and figured it was also time for a Doctor Who tribute, so this came out with the quote paraprahsed from the episode “The Doctor’s Wife”. That’s one heck of compass anyhow.

And at this point, I’m running one day behind the daily prompts, but back on a daily schedule. Just wondering if I should double post one time to catch up or just keep it to one day at a time. I would normally double post on the 20th with one for #Inktober and one for Breast Cancer Awareness month… but there is a sort of synergistic prompt there to combine the two into one post instead.

It’s also why I was doing this with sets of 8 drawings in the first place…
Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

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