Inktober 2021 – Set 04

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November 3, 2021 by bck1402

As October was rolling around, I posted on Instagram that I wasn’t sure about doing Inktober for this year. I had bouts of depression, my moods were swinging between tolerable and miserable because of the lockdown we were in.
Not entirely a lockdown per se, but most shops were closed and the cinemas weren’t opening up yet. Netflix was a bummer because of my meager bandwidth service that a 2 hour movie would take almost 2 1/2 hours to watch.
I got my jabs in mid- and end of September simply in preparation if the cinemas were to open up, it was likely you needed the jabs before they’d let you in. Turned out to be the case when they did start operating again (see movie reviews here).
Doing Inktober at the time didn’t seem like something I was keen on doing.

Yet, one follower did give some words of encouragement, and I figured having a little something to focus on each day would held stave off the depression (it did). On top of that, as mentioned throughout these posts, I figured working on some key-art for a potential writing project might be something of use.

Of course there were good days and bad days, and dry days. The struggle was there as expected. In the end, it helped. I had one skip day (have since removed that post on Insta) and started posting to my Ello page as well.
Only thing that fell to the wayside was gaming (Mass Effect Andromeda on PS4) for a couple of hours here and there.
But I worked out the story structure, changed a few things around, gelled what was malleable in the story, and found a potential reason for getting the action scenes in there.

Now, it’s just to get on with actually writing the script/screenplay.

Meanwhile, on with the last set of 8 drawings which is why this post exists.

Day 25 – Splat

There was a notion to draw Syndi-Jean bleeding for this one but when time was running down (because I wanted to post by a specific time each day) this ended up a rush in pen and brush-pen.
But this was also the dawn of an idea of why the attacks were happening, and if Gekishi was really going to be the one who was behind the attacks… and more importantly – why.
Is that a spoiler?

Day 26 – Connect

Something of a reminder of who Syndi-Jean is and what her capabilities are. Telepathy is one, as is telekinesis (see that “Roof” image where she’s upside-down). It’s just that telepathy isn’t something easy to show… or draw.
Except in a lot of comic books.

Day 27 – Spark

Another notion where if Syndi-Jean were to attack with that crystal sword against something of a similar material, would it give off sparks like if a normal sword were to strike something metal? Or would she be using a normal sword here?
I was fudging what she was striking but there is something humanoid there because of what I was planning in the story.

Day 28 – Crispy

Food is a big deal in Syndi-Jean’s world. A lot happens around meal-times – usually lunch, a few dinners – in the books. I’ve also done a few during Inktober in the years prior with Syndi-Jean and her meals.
I suppose this is something that could happen in this new story, not necessarily this particular scene where they’re both grabbing the last crispy tempura prawn, but still…

Day 29 – Patch

As I was still posting one day late, this would have gone online on Oct 30. I had done a similar pumpkin patch bit last year (posted on Oct 31), and unlike last time, I didn’t do the leaves right… or as right as they should be.
Still, the prompt was patch, so it’s a pumpkin with an eye-patch in a pumpkin patch.

Day 30 – Slither

I bought a new sketchbook for Inktober this year and it only had 30 pages. I figured I’d the last one on the inside of the back cover – a thick cardboard. Instead, I put day 30 on the cardboard because I knew what I wanted for the last day… and I wanted that on the white paper. So… you might notice a different texture in the image.
There was the “worms” prompt last year… and we had Dune in our cinemas just a week earlier, so I sort of revisited the worm with a sight tip to the new worm design in Dune (2021)… and then added the hand to scale the whole thing.
And then started to do a layout pencil sketch for…

Day 31 – Risk

Whatever the prompt was, I intended to do something that was like a movie poster for the whole Syndi-Jean screenplay project. That in itself was a risk as was using Inktober for that project. I wanted something to tie it all together, to help me focus on the screenplay.
As intended, I put Keiko to the forefront with Syndi-Jean behind her, and two more supporting characters behind them. I thought about having Keitaro in the bed below them, but then thought it’s be silly with him, in bed, facing upwards below the two ladies. So I let Keiko hold a katana to cross it with the staff Syndi-Jean is holding.
Then added in a splash of colour… just for the heck of it.

In Closing – Thanks

It became customary to do one last piece simply to mark the close of Inktober for the year with some words of thanks and gratitude to those of you who were following, liking, ❤️ing on Insta or Twitter (sharing too in a few cases). Not many reactions on FB beyond two or three people, barely broke 40 likes on Instagram but that’s up from the previous years posts there… and a few more on Twitter too (8 was the most on one post).
Sad numbers, no? At least to some who probably thrive on the hundreds or more. But I’ve resigned myself to not really going for the numbers, nice as it was to notice them.
I don’t get many ‘likes’ over here on WP either, not that I actively post and promote on a daily basis.
After all, as stated… this year’s Inktober was more for my peace of mind and pushing another project along.
Oh… this was done on the back cover of the new sketchpad… so again, if you can see it, that’s the texture of the cardboard cover.
And so, it’s now a matter of settling down to write the new script out. I’ve got the plot laid out for the most part, the story is gelled to maybe 90%, and I think I’ve got the skeleton framed for pacing.

Also, should I do another ’10 Black and White days’ for this month?

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