Inktober 2020 Set 04

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November 3, 2020 by bck1402

And so we come to the last set for Inktober 2020. To think the first set went up because I couldn’t get a post up on Instagram early enough… and I was really late in getting these going at the time.

As with everything else, I guess we can blame the pandemic and its effect on mental well-being, leading to a certain malaise at times, depression at others, and a general sense of futility in doing things at some point or other.

For one, Inktober has provided a sort of routine to adhere to given that mentally, the mood to read or write has waned drastically, but drawing allows a kind of release.

Anyway… onward with day 24 where we “Dig” up another subtle tribute while avoiding the new Syndi-Jean screenplay that could have been used as a reference. After all, that one was a kind of treasure hunt too.

Speaking of which, day 25 asked for “Buddy” and it does take a scene from the screenplay “Syndi-Jean and The Dragon’s Eye“. Sparring always needs a good buddy who can keep up or teach you something new.

Gives you a sense of scale where the story is concerned tho, doesn’t it?

The end of the month is fast approaching and day 26’s “Hide” calls back to something similar last year: the ghoul from the grave. Okay, that one was supposed to be a ‘ghost’, but you’d still hide from one, wouldn’t you?

Day 27 dipped back into the “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” OxBridge English Dictionary for a new definition of “Music” and I’ll leave you to figure that one out with the image below.

Day 28 put Syndi-Jean back into her comfort element, the pool where she might “Float”… and probably would have been better not to take an over-head view… but this is the third take on this idea, as far as I can recall.

I know I didn’t make it for day 29 and ended up rushing through the last three entries, all going up within hours of each other, just to wrap things up. I didn’t just want to have “Shoes” by themselves, so did this with a little practice to some perspective drawing.

One final nod to the Syndi-Jean screenplay with day 30’s “Ominous” prompt, again taking a scene but amping the ‘danger’ element to play up tot he prompt. Yes, we should be mindful of ominous moments, but it wasn’t that severe int he story itself.

The prompt on day 31 was “Crawl” and I figured, sure – let’s do Halloween and put a giant pumpkin crawling out of the patch. Even though I rushed through it, getting the last two posts to Instagram barely a couple of hours apart, this one went up just before midnight and a little after the sad news that Sir Sean Connery had passed away.

And so with the final post on Nov 1 to close out Inktober 2020 over Instagram and Twitter, i acknowledged Sir Sean’s passing in the notes / post, duly thanked the followers and supporters who have ‘liked’ and posted the very occasional comment…

…And this tired teddy bear put it all to sleep.

It started late with a bit of a bummer mood, and ended on an equally bummer mood. 2020 has been rather mean and devastating till now (as America goes to the polls and we’ll see, with bated breath, what the future holds).

The pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon as we’re all struggling to get it under control (and some who just don’t care anymore). As I type this, a resurgence is happening in the state where I live… not a big outbreak but we are advised to follow the recommended rules/guidelines, and I’d like to think that the people of this state are sensible enough to do so, and therefore keep this new outbreak contained.

In that, I think we might be luckier than most that common sense and empathy has worked in our favour. At least, as a community. I think it would help for the world to have some calm unity and empathy, not just in these times, but all the time.

After all, even though we have to stay a little apart, we’re all in this together.

Take care, stay safe, and be sensible about maintaining some healthy practices.

Thanks for following.

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