10 Black and White 2020 Days (I)

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November 25, 2020 by bck1402

Following on Inktober, I delve into some black and white photography as an exercise for 10 days. I’ve probably mentioned before that I used to do photography in school, learning to develop black and white film and developing my own prints. Not something I can do these days… but with digital technology, it’s not like I can’t go back to doing some photography in black and white.

This year, with the pandemic restricting outdoor activities, trying to find something to ‘shoot’ for this project was rather limiting. I would usually find things as a subject and take a few pictures a day, picking one to share as a post in Instagram.


One opportunity to take photos was when i can get out of the house to buy lunch so day 1 was near the market place where there’s a decent food court. It’s a place I’ll come back to for more photos.

In the meantime, I’d try to find other ‘subjects’.


Keeping within the period of November 10 – 19 was tricky and finding something decent to post was harder. So dawn of Nov 10 got brought forward to Day 2 while I tried to build up a bit of a bank of pictures.

At the same time, I would try to avoid repeat subjects on consecutive days… like with…


Found this tree on Day 2 but I already had a tree on Day 1 so this got posted on Day 3 instead. The decision to put the original shot with the black and white was to do a ‘compare and contrast’ to how i viewed my black and white images.

And this was a strange tree that was really pale and leafless. Thought it would make a great black and white image, although taking the shot from the car on the roadside probably wasn’t the best angle or direction to take the picture. Especially with he dark clouds in the background.


And we’re back in the hawker centre at the market. This was meant to show how the usually crowded eatery had been impacted by the MCO (Movement Control Order) restrictions that advised us to buy the food home instead of eating out. Not that it was completely restricted.

As you might see in the images, there are x’s on the table indicating how the seating was meant to be, preferably with family members rather than strangers or friends coming together. Two to a table facing each other, no putting two tables together.


Again, one of those not taken on the day itself but a couple of days earlier (note the dark clouds?) and it was an ‘opportunity’ shot. Yes, I did notice the way the light was hitting that lamppost and thought it was weird enough to make a decent black and white image. That’s after taking an earlier shot of the sky and hill… and was not satisfied how it came out because of how dark the sky was.


This is outside the market hawker centre, a little playground for the kids while the parents might be shopping at the market or just buying food. An empty playground in stark black and white might evoke certain ideas, thought it was a night subject but never posted.

ALT 02

The neighbourhood shop-lots, which may look active, but not as much as it used to be given the ‘lockdown’. Then again, it’s lunch-time when we’re out packing food home. There is some decent practices at keeping our distances within he shops tho. Just didn’t post it because the dark area was too dark to really see any details.

Anyway, second half to come.

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