Inktober 2020 Set 03


November 1, 2020 by bck1402

On to the third set of drawings for Inktober 2020.

But first… a little typo in the last set resulted in only 7 out of 8 images going up. I’ve since corrected the count and so, there will be extra here to catch up on… and yet, that’s keeping in line with this year’s Inktober efforts. I started a couple of days late, had to catch up but maintaining a pace of being a day behind, fell back a couple of times and had to double post…

You get the picture.
I guess missing one, even in a “Gallery” post like this is pretty much the way things are going this month.


Day 16 is ironically “Hope”, as in hope all goes well this round and sharing a lot more today.

It’s not Syndi-Jean in the picture, more a throw-back to her mother who had this thing about sunrises, and watching them. I know in a drawing, it could be either dawn or dusk, but it’s intended to be sunrise. For her, the dawn of a new day brought hope for a better day, a better future. That’s the idea here anyway.

Day 17 called for “Storm” and, again, this one just had to flow at the last minute as I was busy that day and had to come up with something quick before the end of the day. Or at least by my post time. I try to post the same time every day.

There was no pre-planning with this one, it just went pen to paper.

For day 18’s “Trap” I just had to figure what would be obvious and not too obvious for the prompt. So… addiction, just for something.

And while I’m no drinker (not even socially) nor smoker, I have my addictions I have to deal with. I’ll leave it at that.

A “Dizzy” prompt on day 19 feels like a throwback in that I seem to recall it coming up before, which also meant that the illustration below is similar to something else I’ve done before (with last year’s Hypno-toad).

And just for additional effect

The 20th of October is usually when I’d post something for Breast Cancer Awareness because it was the specified day for that… Probably was at some point in the past but it’s the whole month now, even if I still post on the 20th. It’s usually something extra a little outside of Inktober although I used to do an ink drawing just because it’s… well, Inktober.

This year, I went digital for this – a first – and also featuring Syndi-Jean – another first. Using Autodesk Sketchbook on my iPad (along with the Pencil stylus), I very quickly (faster than i expected) put the illustration together and get it posted, along with a (almost) black and white version.

And just to be fair, I did post Day 20’s non-product placement “Coral” a day later (on the 21st), again, trying to avoid the obvious underwater bit.

Following certain elements from my books, and including some text again, day 21 brought some “Sleep” to Syndi-Jean. Because of certain biological issues, she doesn’t really sleep much, but she does sleep from time to time under sometimes odd circumstances.

Day 22’s prompt was “Chef” which is the boss man (le chef), not necessarily in the kitchen even if it’s the more common usage.

And finally for this set, day 23’s “Rip” in the sky over a beach where the beastie is trying to break through. Tip of the hat to the cosmic horrors courtesy of Philip K Dick, and for the inspiration too.

The home stretch set is next where we close out Inktober 2020.

I’m just pacing myself instead of splurging it all in one go.
Also, if you’ve been following my Instagram (see right), you might notice these are slightly different from those posted over there, as in the blurring around the edges is not there.

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2 thoughts on “Inktober 2020 Set 03

  1. Johnny Jones says:

    You have a real talent. Appreciate the work and imagination.

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