Inktober 2022 – Set 03

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November 26, 2022 by bck1402

Around this point of the Inktober prompts, I was settling into a new groove on tackling them which made it three times as hard as before. It wasn’t just coming up with some silly definitions, but having the caption and the image to correspond without repeating the idea.

Day 16 – Fowl

Simply, “fowl” was always going to be a ‘stinky owl”, so I just had to come up with that image and why or how it got into that situation. The caption says it all.

Day 17 – Salty

The definition ended up as the caption – and this was probably the last time I did that for this round. Also, there was the comment in the original post (Instagram) about how the price of coffee had gone up quite a bit.

Day 18 Scrape

Of course a ‘scrape’ was a fight with crepes.

Day 19 – Ponytail

The new silly definition for ‘ponytail’ was ‘a very small beer’… which is what a designated briver would get, if at all.

Day 20 – Bluff

“Bluff” – being blown over by a puff of wind, but likely only during Inktober on my feed.

Day 21 – Bad Dog

I had to throw in at least one Doctor Who reference, and I simply upgraded the dog to a wolf to make this count.

Day 22 – Heist

And then it was back to the silly definitions and this was a tough nut to crack. the ‘heist’ turned out to be ‘a very cold greeting in a very high place.’

Day 23 – Booger

And in avoiding the obvious, i endeavoured to find a new meaning to ‘booger’ with ‘a ghost that boogies’.


And that wraps set 3 with one more set to go.

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