Inktober 2022 – Set 02

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November 19, 2022 by bck1402

And here we go witht he next set of eight illustrations based on the Inktober 2022 prompts.

A week in was usually when the creative juices would run a little dry, but I was keeping to an idea of how to tackle the prompts. For a while, I seemed to have a groove.

Day 08 Match

Trying to keep with some kind of dual approach, this ended up have a match match with one team ‘being on fire’ as the caption pointed out.

Day -9 Nest

And again, taking the idea of nesting on a nest seemed to go with the wordplay idea I had set so far…

Day 10 Crabby

…but the captions were starting to make their mark too, and they were going to make more of an appearance moving forward. it wasn’t a fixed decision at this point. It was just my seemingly odd sense of humour.

Day 11 Eagle

I ‘m not a golfer, but I was aware of the term, ‘to hit an eagle’ in golf. Just had to make it literal.

Day 12 Forget

And again, relying on the caption to do the heavy lifting to bring out the double wordplay.

Day 13 Kind

At this point, I wanted to do one for myself in a way. For the last couple of years, I did these little illustrations of the girl and the overly large bear which I began using as my FB avatar. Basically it was a wishful hope (I’m generally that large impassive emotionless stuffed bear).

Still hoping for something like this someday, but that impassive emotionless demeanour is a hindrance to reaching out physically in reality.

Day 14 Empty

… and a dry spell hit, as I couldn’t get a wordplay out of ’empty’ at that time.

Day 15 Armadillo

The caption says it all. And I suppose I could have gone with a “Pickle Rick” joke which I saw some others went with (some minds think alike, I guess), but that armour had to contribute to the wordplay, right?


And that’s set 2.
Another 8 up next.

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