Inktober 2022 – Set 01

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November 16, 2022 by bck1402

While I’m in the midst of doing another ’10 Black and White Days’ photography project, I figurre I should get around to putting the Inktober 2022 illustrations through the customary WordPress display.

Albeit fairly late.

So, there were certain aspects to this year’s attempts, in that budget was a factor. No fancy pens or brushes; no fancy drawing book. I found an old fountain pen and that was the primary stylo for drawing (along with an old bottle of Quink ink that still ahd ink in it). And I had this slightly water damaged drawing book I got years back from Daiso (RM6.00) which had been sitting aside for some time.

I decided to use both of them. It also didn’t give much leeway for anything fancy.  But there was an idea about tackling the prompts for this year.

Day 01 – Gargoyle

Yes, it was a gargling gargoyle, kicking off the idea…

Day 02 – Scurry

Yep, gotta scurry from the curry.

Day 03 – Bat

It wasn’t as clear as I would have wanted the Cat-Bat with his Bat-bat.

Day 04 – Scallop

It was simply a scallop that packed a wallop.

Day 05 – Flame

Just for effect, I dug out a coloured brush pen to bring out the burning dangers of a fiery flamenco. It definitely attracted some attention on Twitter moreso than on Instagram when it was posted.

Day 06 – Bouquet

A more visual gag to try and reflect the various bouquets going on.

Day 07 – Trip

And the gag runs dry when I couldn’t really rip into trip aside from simply tearing the T and adding a caption.

But it was the start of something different, and we’ll get into it with the next set.

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