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July 6, 2021 by bck1402

…Or why I don’t follow any religion…


I have been asked:
“Do you believe in God?”

I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being.

However, I could never follow any of the religions
because She was disappointed in how the patriarchy of humanity twisted the teachings in almost all aspects in order to gain power for themselves over others.

They use the promise of a conceptual Heaven or Hell
to enforce behavioural edicts
in order to make the masses fearful and docile.

Obey ~ and perhaps Paradise awaits you.
Rebel ~ and it will be the pits of Damnation for you.
For our word is God’s word. It is God’s law.

But it is Man’s Law,
as written by Man,
as interpreted by Man,
as used by Man.

Many leaders would hardly follow these laws,
proclaiming themselves the teachers and shepherds,
and therefore above such rulings.
After all, they have achieve divinity
and Heaven is already ensured,
so the laws need not apply.

The rulers need not be ruled.
They see themselves above the concerns of the masses
wanting the fields of Paradise.

And as they await the return of their prophet,
they decide it must be a Man in their image.
Any others would be sacrilegious.
And so they fight to prove their righteousness.

To show their power over others.
Our way is right and just.
Our path leads to Paradise;
others be damned.
Silence those who do not conform.


The simple rule
~ one that is taught in almost all beliefs ~
that which they deem to be “golden”
is hardly enforced nor followed.

For all the prophets who have come and gone,
those who have proclaimed this ‘rule’ as sacred,
their words and teachings are twisted
to suit the needs of those in power.


For many, it is their path to walk.
It is their way of life.
it is their belief;
what they deem is right for them.

And for me,
I have no quarrel with that.
I respect and fear all religion.
I try.

I would stay quiet,
walk my path,
try to respect others in their ways,
unless prodded…
and preached to…

If I should have to listen,
so should the other.

I leave them to their beliefs,
they should leave me to mine.

I believe in the existence of God.
She knows that is enough.

designed by Kathy VanLoon / Copyright by Paul McKenna 2000
source: Central Jersey (via Google Search)

from The Minds Journal

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