Inktober 2019 Week 01

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October 15, 2019 by bck1402

It’s that time of the year again.

inktober is back and I’m making the effort of tackling the prompts in my own way. It’s a delicate balance trying to do my own thing without deviating away from the daily prompt too much and yet…, well…, don’t want to go the obvious route, right?

So, week one but the first eight days going on display with some notes.

To see the actual Instagram entries, click away to keep with the current efforts.

Day one prompt was “Ring” and what better way to kick off the whole thing.

We got a “mindless” day 2 and the idea this year was to go for a more ‘brush and ink’ feel and less with the pen. Still, had to use the pen for the little bit of text. Playing with the idea of how the head/brain goes a little blank the moment you want to get on a roll while writing.


And the pen comes in full-force with Day 3’s “bait” and Syndi-Jean starts coming in. I decided to drive some publicity for the new work featuring her. Over did the brush work and muddied the carved ‘head and eye’ thing. Would revisit this later.


Going back to the brush for “freeze” but sticking with scenes from the new work-in-progress script


Trying to go with different ideas and concepts, this was more the start of the whole circle motif. Given the ‘build’ prompt, wanted to convey a specific idea here given some problems I was having in writing the new script.


Again with the circle and back to scenes from the script. The prompt was ‘husky’ and I wasted to avoid doing the dog which felt an obvious fall-back. But I had a character who was described as ‘large’ and figured… “why not?”


The ‘enchanted’ prompt was a poser. There was the idea within the new story where Syndi-Jean is taken (or enchanted, perhaps?) with this mural depicting the tale of her ancestor. The mix of pen-work for her and brush-work for the mural was a little tough… and is proving, at this time, to be a head-scratcher for the current prompt.


And on day 8 did I hit a block. Well, not really but with the prompt of ‘frail’ I initially wanted to have Syndi-Jean with her grandfather and grand-uncle, both not looking too frail while peaking about a century in age… and then got caught up with some things and ran out of time. So, back to the idea of story and structure, built on a frail base.

And that’s week one plus one day.

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