Closing up Inktober 2018

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November 6, 2018 by bck1402

I split the last ten days of #inktober 2018 into two parts, and yes, this is just that smidgen late…

Anyway, the first half went up on the ello site <– follow that link.

And here’s the rest of them.

Of course, I had to officially close it out with some thanks.

Thank You to all of you who have been following the posts throughout the month, be it daily on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and the update posts over her and on my ello page. It doesn’t quite get updated as frequently mainly due to having a rather sucky internet service that doesn’t do uploads very well at all. Posting images over there via the iPad often get timed out, especially if its multiple images. Easier to do it from the laptop after shrinking the images considerably. The same applies on the posts on this end, be it this particular blog, my Author Page, or my Reviews Site.

Yeh, that’s a little caricature of me, pudgy rotund balding and bespectacled…  with thanks to all!

Back to the grind of editing for now.

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