Inktober 2017 Week Two


October 18, 2017 by bck1402

So it’s that time of the year again where I attempt to do one drawing in ink per day throughout the month… otherwise known as Inktober.

As with last year, I’m compiling the weekly efforts in a single post, and while the first week has given me up on my Ello site, here we are with week two. And while the first week covered the first seven days, I’ll be covering eight days for this and the next two updates.

Like last year, I’m tying as much a second I can to my books, The Syndi-Jean Journals, either taking scenes from the books or at least featuring Syndi-Jean herself. It’s just my way of trying to promote my books. The pics have some really short descriptions, or you can click over to the Instagram feed (should be to the right).

Here we go with the gallery…

So, yeah… kinda failed with the “run” entry, and there was a deviation (happens once in a while) for “screech” because Supergirl was getting back on TV that day.


Week 3, or the next eight images, will go up on the Ello site in just over a week. Or hop on over there anyway just to check things out.😁

And, of course, look below for links to purchase my books.

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