That ‘Conversation’


April 24, 2017 by bck1402

One of those promotional things that upcoming writers could do is “The Interview”, although such a thing is common enough for artists of all kinds. We get to talk about our work and, in a way, promote what we are doing.

If you’re really lucky, some prominent publication will call you up and want to do an interview, and they publish it, and you get recognised and all goes well, and your work is noticed.

And then there are the ones who ask you to pay for the privilege to be interviewed, as part of some publicity outreach, and you get some standard questions to answer from people who have barely an inkling of your work in the first place… not to disparage it all, it is  business for some and some do have a good reputation in doing this business.

As much as I think its cool to get into one of these interviews, I’m not likely to get calls from some esteemed publication, a kinda downside of going the self-publication route. The lack of surplus funds also makes the second option a little difficult.

But! but but but but but…..

I used to do video interviews in my old job, putting together quick presentations to promote some new initiative or getting people to participate in some mini-event the company is putting together. I figure I could do an interview with myself. Of course it would be entirely self-serving and not quite a fair cop. I need someone else to help out with asking the questions. And I’m more comfortable asking the questions behind the camera away from the view of others, that doing such a thing… is really not my thing.

So, dug up an old friend I knew who was familiar with the books (that helps to know what you’re asking about) and we workshopped some questions from the basic to going a little in depth, but then we meandered a bit here and there. The interview became something of a conversation. He smartly decided to have us record it all, so technically, what comes out would be a transcript. Or close to one.

All three parts are up on the book’s page and I reblogged the first two parts on this side of the blogs… but here are all three of “The Conversation” where we covered a little on the plot, characters, genre, the nature of the characters, cliches, narrative, format, and what might come next. <phew>


Part I

Part II

Part III

And enjoy the read. Comment if you have any questions, and I’ll get back to you where I can.
And I hope it might make you a little more interested in my books too.

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