Wrapping up Inktober 2016

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November 12, 2016 by bck1402

Coming in rather late (almost 2 weeks) since the end of Inktober 2016, and right before the end, I started cleaning up my room; an arduous and time-consuming task given the chaos in there and around the house at the time.

So the following art the last nine drawings that made up the final week, and a bit, for this year’s Inktober challenge; in that I attempted to follow the prompts.

The Wonder Woman drawing from the week before (I liked it so much I made it my Facebook profile pic) and the TARDIS image (below) led to a friend on Twitter asking if I could do one featuring the Martian Manhunter watching over kiddie versions of The Flash and Supergirl. So that’s how the ‘box’ prompt ended up featuring these characters (and these characters belong to DC Comics) finding the Pandorica from Doctor Who.

The house and room cleaning got in the way a little, but still barrelled through to the end. Syndi-Jean started the prompts, so it was with Syndi-Jean that I finished with.

Once it was over, I threw in one more as a sign-out or sign-off, revisiting the piggy from last year.


And that is it. Check out my Instagram feed for the cleaned up versions.

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Aug 31.'17 #dusk at approx 730pm #nofilter
Taken with #SamsungJ7 #sky white balance,  with reduced exposure.
#clouds #skyscapes #sunset🌅 A #black #cat loafing about the neighbourhood. Loves cars. 
When it rains, it climbs onto my mom's car under the porch. 
Taken with #SamsungJ7 #moonfilter #dawn at approx 725am
#sunrise taken with #SamsungJ7 #nofilter but #sunset taken with #fotorhdr app on #ipad approx 745pm on July 9 '17.
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