InkTober 2016 – Week 2

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October 14, 2016 by bck1402

I kicked off this year’s Inktober over on the Ello site, pretty much the same way I did last year – with an ink rendering of the ‘event’, and then learnt that there were prompts I could follow. I won’t go over that again as you can read about it here, where I shared the two subsequent posts. I was basically a day behind on the prompts.

By the end of the week, I decided to share the rest of the drawings, but the mostly unvarnished originals rather than the cropped Instagram ones.

There wasn’t a lot of commentary, but there was a subtle theme running through them, beyond using the prompts for the day, albeit one day behind.

So for Week 2, I decided to do the same, but over here instead (gotta give some love to the WP gang and show I’ve not totally abandoned things here). And we’re doing things a little different again… because we can do a proper gallery here. A little commentary on each image, because it’s all about the writing here.

Nine drawings in seven days. There was a double post for “Jump” and “Transport” where I caught up with the daily prompts, and another double post for “Scared” because I wanted to use Syndi-Jean… There are moments in the stories where she gets scared, and there were a few to pick from.

I did use Syndi-Jean a lot and this was more to promote or market my books (see links below, share them out please, maybe I’ll get a sale or two out of this), and give a visual sense of the stories. We’re just under halfway through the month with more to come, and more promoting or shameless plugging.

It’s the only form of marketing I can afford to do right now, tying in the Inktober prompts to whatever scenes I can pluck from the books to feature Jeannie, not so much the other characters. The purpose is that I never really described many of the others because I wanted to let the readers identify with those characters themselves. That’s aside from the occasional mention of what nationality they are. Aside from Jeannie on the covers, book 2 features Sophie and Ethan (but in silhouette), while book 3 has Sophie and Keitaro (in side profile and mostly obscured). I didn’t want to give the characters any fixed description. Jeannie has a specific mixed heritage look for me.

With Inktober… maybe I’ll add some of them in, but I’ll try to avoid that.

Ah well, back to the grind with more drawings to churn out.
I’ve got the Instagram feed off to the side, but you can also link in here.

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