Rubbled Landscape


September 26, 2016 by bck1402

So in some little cross-platform thing going on, this post is a continuation from the one over here.

Instead of sand, this one’s a pile of rubble, so we’ve got more of a rocky texture going on. So here’s where that pile is at…


And this time, the pictures were taken with my Sony Xperia Ion. I kept that lens as low as I could, even turning the phone upside-down, and blindly taking a few shots. I tried to keep the angle tilted so everything looked uphill, and now I wonder why I didn’t try for some downhill shots.

dsc_0715 dsc_0712 dsc_0714 dsc_0713 dsc_0711

Aside from scaling down the images, they are unedited. A little cropping would probably take away the illusion of being in that dumpster, so you wouldn’t see that empty concrete bag (third picture) or the wall in the background (last picture).

The focus range would also betray the scale (blurred foregrounds), especially on that second shot.

In an odd little way, this does tie in with today’s daily prompt, trying to make something small pretend to be something big.

Still, it was an interesting experiment.

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4 thoughts on “Rubbled Landscape

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  2. I liked it! Good Post and Cool pictures! 🙂

    If you have a time, please check out the post about Pretend on my blog (You can edited out the link from my comment if you want!)

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