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August 2, 2016 by bck1402

genreSometimes, I have to think about the coincidences of events. Some relatives were visiting, and I took the opportunity to show off my books, and an aunt asked what genre they were in. I didn’t have a specific answer then. A couple of days followed and I was reading  Michelle Joyce Bond’s reflection on genre and my thoughts wandered back to the topic, over and over throughout the next few days.

The thing is, I can’t put my books into any particular genre.

Simply based on the covers, it could easily be grouped among the YA books, but that wasn’t what I was aiming for during the writing. When I had the first book in a local bookshop, I left it to the proprietor to classify the book himself. He placed it in a more… unexpected… location, surrounded by some interesting authors.


The nature of the Journals was that each book reflected one year in a life, and things happen in a year. We go through a gamut of emotions, each could be associated with any one genre of story out there. And given the mix of characters Syndi-Jean associate with, as well as taking her unique circumstances into account, and again, we’re flitting about the various genres out there while perhaps avoiding a few.

Perhaps at its core, the overall ‘feel’ of the Journal might come across as a drama. Creating the narrative however require the occasional bust of action and plot, but I even had Jeannie comment that having such things occurring on a regular basis would suggest she has a remarkable charmed (or cursed?) life where life is just one long non-stop adventure and things would just keep happening to her… simply ‘because’.

Given the world she’s in, the stories might be considered Science Fiction. It’s one of my favoured genre where books are concerned, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my favourite genre. And later when the Dream-world comes into play, we’re playing in the realms of Fantasy; not exactly a favourite reading genre of mine. Certain other things that happen might fit into the Horror genre, and there is a Romance going on by the third year. There are events that might fit into an Action/Thriller novel, but for the most part, it stays a Drama… but then, that’s what most stories are, right?

I’ll just leave it for anyone else who read my books to decide for themselves.

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