Glass Crack’d


July 10, 2016 by bck1402

I had this nice glass mug with which I would use for lovely massive iced drinks, be it tea or coffee. It wasn’t insulated, so it didn’t always last as long as I would like, chugging down the cool and cold drinks on hot days. Yet often, I’d take a little time with the drinks.

Taking time meant that the ice would melt and the drink would dilute. Not too bad if it’s tea but not that great when it’s coffee; alright if it’s just water, that’s what’s ice after all.

So, one hot day, I gluged it all down a little faster than usual, leaving some ice at the base to melt away… but not entirely. There wouldn’t have been much water left anyway, so into the sink it went and I washed, and cleaned, and got it sparkling. And I left it on the counter by the sink to left it dry, heading back to this little laptop to continue my work.

Hear a little >clink< of glass from the kitchen and wondered what it was. Went to check but could not determine the source of that little sound. Decided to put the glass mug away since it looked dry, but when I grabbed the handle to move it… Lo, the base stayed on the counter.

That little >clink< was the cool base of the glass mug cracking due to the heat of the day. At least, that was my guess because there really was no other explanation I could consider.

That was a couple of months back now and the weather is still hot today although our weathermen claim that storms are on the way to break this hot dry spell.  Whatever bit of rain we get barely lasts five minutes and serves to add steam into the air once it hits the ground.

This was just the other day (taken on July 7, 2016)


So, nothing too profound here, just something to write about and partake the daily prompt

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