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July 9, 2016 by bck1402

Well, that’s it.

The first lines were written back in February 2007 and The Syndi-Jean Journal: Year 3 is off for release in a few weeks now, so that’s 9 years in the making of the entire saga.

I suppose.

The writing alone covered a total of five years while the editing process took up to seven years, and even when the first book came out, I didn’t do much in way of promotion. In between the editing rounds for Year 3, I finally decided to consider putting together something I was often asked to consider; an author website.

wordpress-facebook-twitter-logo-geekornerI didn’t think there was anything for me to put up on such a website. Lots of people told me that it was key to promoting my work, but my feeling was that you need some kind of proper content to have a website in the first place. Anyone can have a website, but if you’ve got no content, you’ve got nothing to put up on the website. One or two books, or three books now, doesn’t seem much to put up on a site. So I started checking out a few other author sites to see what goes up. I also checked other social media avenues and ended up taking on twitter (does that make me a twit? or a twitee?)

I’ve already got a personal Facebook page (not public), and I was advised to have a fan page as well. Given how much I share on Facebook, I wasn’t too sure about what I would put up on a Facebook page. After all, much of what I’d rather share in length comes up here on my WordPress blog anyway. And that gets shared over on Facebook, along with Twitter, which then posts again to Facebook. It’s that whole interlinking thing.

So… what HO! I ended up putting together a website to showcase The Syndi-Jean Journal along with Year 2 and Year 3. And to fill it in a bit more, I decided to link in the few articles I did in relation to the Journal that were featured on this blog. And the I added in a Screenplay section, also linking to the various posts I did comparing my scripts to what ended up on screen, along with a few others. The benefit of that was in between one of the edit cycles, I cranked out a screenplay. Now I have a page on that other site where I can plug it a little.

I’ve often been apprehensive about all this self-promotion because I’d rather the work speak for itself, but then I also realised the “work” needs a little help getting pushed out into the world.

So.. please please please do check it out, follow along if you’d like as I will keep going back to make changes from time to time. Any new posts in regards to the works will go up there rather than here, once I figure out how to put proper updates there since I’ve done away with the conventional front page where the new posts usually get highlighted.

I’m still working things out. It’ll get better.

Feedback is always welcomed. Thank you and hop on over…

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