Cover Concept Conundrum

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May 26, 2016 by bck1402

So, editing is done on The Syndi-Jean Journal: Year 3 and, naturally, the cover needs to be done.

Following the motif on the first two books, (you can see cover samples at the bottom of this post where links will take you to online bookstores and you can have a really good look), it’s either Jeannie alone or with a companion.

I came up with three different designs to cover aspects of the story within the book, or rather, three different action set-pieces?

So, here they are…

#SyndiJean year 3 cover concepts… 🤔 #nofilter #art #drawing

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The solo figure at the top has Jeannie in her kendogi, not simply because kendo is part of her life, but there is a major duel in the story.

Towards the bottom left has Jeannie with Sophie at her side, out-fitted for a special mission, also in the story. It’s a kind of culmination of her training and going out into the field sort of deal.

Across to the right has Jeannie with Keitaro, and this would be set within the fantasy dream-world (hence no glasses, because she would’t need them there), because that part of the story comes to the fore in a big way this year.

Lots of things can happen in a year, after all.

I suppose I could dump all three on the cover… it’ll look busy tho.


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