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May 24, 2016 by bck1402

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Daily Post prompts.

In writing, one of the most common advice you can get is, “Write what you know.” I thought the idea was more to reflect on ourselves and share what we see or have learnt from life, the influences from without that have impacted the choices within, which in return influence others.

But then, I realised it’s all a matter of perception.
What do I know anyway?

What do I know that no one else would know?

Cover design for Year 3

Cover design for Year 3

Well, obviously, I don’t know anything.

It’s not that I’m knowledgable of anything in particular in any way. I have some passions (movies, tv shows, stories, anime, comics etc) but nothing in way of obsessive knowledge gathering to the point of being a true-blue otaku in any thing. Still, they were influences and references I could make use of in the end.

It’s not like I loaded The Syndi-Jean Journal with all sorts of pop culture references, but there was some education going on. I had to learn up a few things to make elements of the story reasonably feasible to an extent, and in a way, expand my own knowledge base. Of course, you can’t throw everything in. It is a work of fiction and not some educational text book.

Covering three years in the life of the title character might be considered a sprawling saga, but it a mere drop in the ocean where her entire family is concerned. I wonder at times if I should do some stories with Syndi-Jean’s mother, like when I first started writing. The reason for stepping away from that was more to get away from the complexity of those stories, another sprawling saga in its own right.

In any case, what’s out in public eye are the books, chronicling the three years that took close to five years to write and an additional four years to edit. In writing, I discovered a different perspective on life and a kind of acceptance for certain aspects of the human condition. In editing, the educational process was an ongoing one, and lots of lessons were to be learnt about writing and storytelling, particularly on the third book. I makes me think I should go back and re-edit the first book based on lessons learnt.

But I want to push ahead.
Jeannie’s story was done in a very specific way with a specific tone, and perhaps the few editing missteps in Year One would (hopefully) show a growing maturity by the end of Year 3.

Perhaps these three books have provided some knowledge and experiences, while allowing for a little sagacity in creating the next one.

But what do I really know anyway?



Meanwhile, here’s the synopsis copy from the back of The Syndi-Jean Journal: Year 3.

Studying and living at The Facility was meant to be a fresh start, but the past refuses to be ignored. Now in her third year, Syndicessca Jeannie finds her past catching up even as she navigates a relationship with Walker in one world, and discovers a lost child in another.

As nightmares appear to be spreading among the other trainees, Syndi-Jean’s perception on reality and existence comes into question as the walls between worlds begin to crumble. When a malevolent force makes itself known, the stakes are raised and lives are thrown into the balance. For Syndi-Jean, facing that force means facing her greatest fear.

“It was a year she would have her happiest moments and hardest losses. And in that, she would discover her potential, and herself.” – Remington


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