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November 14, 2015 by bck1402

At this time, The Syndi-Jean Journal: Year Three is in the “editor-in-chief” phase, i.e. mom’s taking a stab at it.

During the last round, I knocked it down from over 650 pages (in my formatting) down to 515 pages – bye-bye little darlings of oddball character quirkiness and little loose side-plots – and when she’s done, I’ve got to make the final edit choices of following her notes or not. This, hopefully, will bring the page count to just a smidgen over 500, which would be equal to the two previous volumes (get your copy by following the links below! Please! They make nice christmas presents!)

In the meantime, I’ve turned back to a little personal ‘monster thriller’ script I’ve been working on for a while and decided to commit to it, hopefully finishing it within the rest of this month. It’s not for any production company, just my own thing and I want to have at least one fully completed script of my own. 60+ pages down, another 60+ to go. I love creature features, so this is my own take on it. One more set piece and we’re into the Jaws territory of having our intrepid creature hunters bonding for the final hunt and showdown. Just have to lay out the scientific mumbo-jumbo gobbledygook on how to kill the creature, then we can barrel into the final act following a couple more deaths.

After that, I’ve got in mind to maybe try an Eastern Western; a kinda mythical take on a Western genre but set in our Eastern part of the world, not that it hasn’t been done before (see Sukiyaki Western Django, Unforgiven (2013), A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop, or The Good, the Bad, the Weird). Just need to work out a story for that. But then, I do have an abandoned supernatural comedy that’s about 50 pages in (shared about that before). May have to retype it all because the software I was using for that has been wiped from my computers since several OS updates ago, and I couldn’t afford the newer versions.

imageSometimes, it’s just about where the ideas come from. What I decide to work on is sometimes dependent on… what I decide to work on in my spare time. And sometimes, it’s music. So, as the editing and prep for the last of The Syndi-Jean Journal books is being done, let me back-track a little on the history and some of the ides that went into it. Y’see, it was never really meant to be in the journal format. I dabbled in other forms of story-telling before and at the time, doing comics was a thing I was into. Noticed the numerous drawings of Syndi-Jean floating around? Even here?

Below are a couple of pages of notes that were made way back when (1997 actually) and if you can notice in the chicken scratches, at the top of the first page, underlined, is “Bowie Song Titles.” So if you’ve read the books, there’s this thing about Jeannie being a Bowie fan. The numbers next to the titles were page counts, i.e. if they were full length stories or short stories. Following the titles were the story plots relating to that title. Easy, yeh?



I just never got around to actually writing or drawing any of them because there was another story I was drawing at the time. The events that were to lead into this phase of Jeannie’s life, mentioned within the preamble of the first book, and a little by Jeannie herself.

When I finally decided to tackle these stories, the journal idea came about and most of what’s here got incorporated into the journal in one way or another. When and where these parts of the story would occur shifted about. Some of the plots were expanded. “Life on Mars” was the field trip idea that got expanded like crazy over the three books, while something like “The Jean Genie” got reduced to a single line in Year Two. “Let’s Dance” was supposed to be hostage situation during a day out, but that got reduced to a robbery scene in Year Three.

The plot for “Sorrow” was ‘a TP link goes wrong when a classmate turns out to be “maturing” resulting in the class visiting a dying alien world (actually the representation of the alien’s ‘dying’ youth’) was expanded into a major plot line that takes up much of The Syndi-Jean Journal, but in a very different way.

Among other changes, John was supposed to be a boyfriend character with jealousy issues (“John, I’m Only Dancing”); Mikey was originally referenced by his first name, Ken; Jeannie was to have a change or room-mates; and the field trip to the Moon was originally a moon of Jupiter’s, Europa.

As you may note, not every title got a plot attached, but the ideas were there. This was meant to be a guide, it was also reflective of how the stories were meant to be broken into ‘episodes’ rather than be one long narrative. That narrative came in when the journal format was decided on and the comics version was abandoned.

Why did that happen?
Well… question for another time.

Meanwhile, the review links have been updated too.


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