Remixed Influences

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September 25, 2015 by bck1402

I was once told that there only a very small number of original stories in the world, and everything else is an adaptation, combination or extrapolation of those few stories. There are works out there that have examined these elements. The Power of Myth comes to mind.

Then there’s this article and attached video that puts forth that “Everything is a Remix”

From any perspective, the process of creation is influenced.

So, in case you may not have noticed, I’ve got my second book out (see ad with links below). I’m sure that anyone who’s read it would probably suggest that the concept isn’t wholly original. Young girl with special abilities navigating life in school… that’s generally it at its core, but what might make it different are the characters involved and the situations they get involved in.

But let’s go back a little to inspirations and influences. I’ve previously covered a little about Jeannie’s origins, particularly surrounding the writing and editing of the first volume. (One, Two and Three) It was only over a year later when I brought out the topic about her mother.

Jeannie and Eriel

Jeannie and Eriel

Not to say that Eriel was an amalgam of numerous influences either. After all, I grew up on comics and TV shows, and books, and movies. Some were more key than others, obviously, but as Eriel grew up, certain specific influences charted her own adventures. As that website above suggests –
“Copy | Transform | Combine” – Remix.

Comics were a huge influence and the works of Michael Fleischer, Bruce Jones, Frank Miller, Chris Claremont, Al Williamson, Archie Goodwin, Frank Frazetta (the few who come to mind) and more contributed. A key influence is one Modesty Blaise, created and written by Peter O’Donnell and art (at the time) by Enrique Romero.

Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise

At the time, Modesty Blaise was a unique creation to me. A strong lead female character is what was essentially a spy thriller series, even though she was technically a retired thief who had her own criminal empire. She was highly skilled and extremely resourceful, and she had a kind of a sidekick in her companion, Willie Garvin. This was a pairing built on respect and honour, no romance. At the time, it was pretty unique, and I think it still is.

When it came to Eriel, she didn’t have anyone in particular like Wille Garvin, but she had a father figure instead, and it’s something that got carried over to Jeannie, particularly her relationship with Remington. Like mother, like daughter in the end. Jeannie even mentions how her abilities came from, or were influenced by, her mother. As much as Jeannie is an amalgam, so is Eriel. Then again, so are we all, influenced and inspired to act and react based experiences and encounters. Remixed.

And still, each of us are individuals.



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