September 11, 2015 by bck1402

That’s today, and yes, there is a significance to this number for numerous reasons.

It’s also my mom’s birthday.

She’s not at home right now, travelling about in China.

I honestly don’t know what else to write in addition to that. I’m sitting here looking at that line and there’s so much to write about and nothing seems significant enough that won’t sound trite.

She was and still is an amazing woman, whom I love, even if I can’t say that out loud. it would never sound as sincere as I want it to be. That word, “Love”… easy to write, its meaning falls all over the definition map, and to say it out loud, to scream it out loud… it never sounds right.

She was an English teacher and she inspired many. Her students still come by to visit, and we come across many more in numerous businesses around town. They all remember her fondly.

So, there really was no one better to help me edit my books. Even when the story wasn’t her cup of tea, or the nature of the narration would annoy her to no end, she pressed on and gave numerous notes, advice, recommendations, and support, as she would.

The second book has been released, and it was with much slogging through and plenty of trimmings.  It also made me realise how right she was on most of those suggestions. The first book could be a lot trimmer if I paid more attention there. I’ll revisit that once I’m done with the last book.

Although she saw the second book when it arrived, I know she never saw this…


It was left out during the editing period. I kept that to the last minute, adding it in via e-mail to the publishers.

Happy Birthday, mom.

And thank you for all the help along the way.

Love ya.


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One thought on “9-11

  1. JL says:

    That is so awesome and such an amazing story!!

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