Dunedin Dip

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January 19, 2015 by bck1402

What stated as a day trip to Dunedin turned into a little excursion lasting a couple of days. One of those days was spent running around a few touristy spots. Primary destination was New Zealand’s singular castle, Larnach Castle.

To get there, we left the city and drove up the Otago Peninsula. Along the way, got a couple of shots. The first is a pan shot showing the bay. I’m the one taking the photos, so I’m not in them. The second is a single shot, but I can’t be too sure it’s the City of Dunedin. Might be a different suburb.

DSC_0249 DSC_0253

It’s a restored castle and since it’s the one and only castle I’ve wandered around, pictures were a must. The thing is, it felt rather small for what I thought was a castle. It felt more like a huge bungalow, which is probably what it was intended… perhaps. There is a tower and a very tight spiral staircase to ascend, which led to a nice view. When you’re high enough and outside, you get a nice view, probably more so when you’re in New Zealand.

The Castle is also known for its garden, which is huge; very much a park unto itself. There were a few characters from Alice in Wonderland scattered around the garden- a shot of Alice in the gallery, and while I found The White Rabbit too, never found The Cheshire Cat which was somewhere around the garden. Not too sure if the other characters were around.

You can learn more about Larnach Castle here.

Then there is the First (Presbyterian) Church of Otago, built in 1873, which was so tall it was difficult fitting it into a single frame shot using my Sony Xperia Ion (yes, I’m still using that). I even laid on the grass and barely managed to get a nice full shot without having to leave the church grounds. I did a couple of pan shots too, but evidence of an unsteady hand can be seen. I got a few interior shots, one of the stained glass window in the Heritage Center, and it was off to the next spot. More about the Church here.

We dropped in at the University of Otago, the oldest university in New Zealand, founded in 1869. Sorry, no pictures there, but it’s a huge place with lots of building spread around for its facilities and student accommodation as well as numerous cafes.

The last major place we dropped by was the Dunedin Railway Station. It has a history of its own too, since it’s over 110 years old, at least, in its current incarnation. There’s a clock-tower too!

We also dropped by the oldest shop in the city which is like a mini-market for Asian foodstuffs. There’s a rather large Asian community, that our lunch and dinner on that day was Chinese cuisine. So was brunch the next day before we left the city.


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