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December 22, 2014 by bck1402

It’s amazing how some things can just pile up, and you need the time to tackle these things, which then leave you neglecting a few other things… like being here. And you think, it’s that time of the year and you need to address some folks who have been good to you, who supported you, and you’ve been just bad, neglecting them without so much as a say-so on your part.

The reminder came as a piece of advice… from The Daily Post. I’ll leave you to click through and check it out.

Just how have things gotten away from me? I’ve barely moved a few pages on the script I was working on. The editing of Book Two has sputtered to the occasional review set days apart. The cinema has been neglected and so, the reviews too have sputtered to a standstill. Managed to take in The Hobbit’s final leg tho… will get around to Gone Girl soon and then there’s another Night at The Museum to bid a fond farewell, in more ways than one. That’s opening on Christmas, so I’ll catch it the next day or after the weekend. Let the crowd die down a little.

I managed a little time to get this out over Facebook, and now here…


Much of early next year is going to see only sporadic updates for the first couple of months. January and February aren’t great months for the cinematic releases, but we’ll see what we see then. Thing is, I’ll be elsewhere for the duration. That’s what’s taking up some time, the preparation for a trip. I’m not much of a traveller. I don’t mind visiting another country. In fact, I think I’d like doing that. I just don’t like the part of ‘getting there’. The hassle of the travel. I’ve hinted that I’m not one to fit into the normal mood so aircraft seating is often very very very uncomfortable, which makes traveling by plane very very very very unpleasant. Add in the long distance to be covered and the time it’ll take… and the maths adds up on those ‘very’s.

As you won’t be around to handle them, you’ve got to run around to settle certain affairs that you’d normally deal with on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.

Sorry for the rant. Maybe it’s the season as everyone is moving about, either having to find their way to family for the holidays, or having to fulfil certain obligations related to the holidays. It has to be more than that, right? We’re closing the year, we’re reflecting on things, we’re trying to catch up before the year closes and that harried and hurried attitude is grinding some of us down… a little.

I need to get to some of my Christmas viewing. Christmas Vacation, Love Actually and Tokyo Godfathers these have been traditional for the last few years now (I have the discs so I’ll be watching those). If you haven’t seen Tokyo Godfathers, I highly recommend it. Although, today’s episode of The Librarians and Santa’s Midnight Run was a fun kick-off. Love the reasoning of how Santa works his miracle and why I – and most of us – feel this funky way around this particular holiday at times. What are your holiday viewing selection?

Well, have yourselves a joyous cheerful Christmas full of hope, love, peace and understanding. Happy holidays too, if you’re not into Christmas. You don’t have to be a Christian to celebrate it anyway, no matter what some of our local religious bodies seem to think.

Blue skies, y’all.


3 thoughts on “The Christmas 2014 Post

  1. My holiday viewing selection also includes both Christmas Vacation and Love Actually as well as Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story, and The Muppets Christmas Carol. I will have to try Tokyo Godfathers!

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