It’s Half The Fun…


November 26, 2014 by bck1402

That’s what they say about travelling and getting to your destination. Well, I’m not much of a traveller. I don’t mind visiting other countries and I think I might enjoy it too, but getting there…

The furthest I’ve been away from home was New Zealand. I went there for my final year of studies. It was nice over there and I really didn’t think I would have come home, but I did for personal reasons. I won’t get into that.

The other thing is that I am of a size; always have been. I was obese before it became an international health concern, and I’ve gone through numerous programs and efforts to reduce my size… none stuck. I determined that despite what others might say, there’s no skinny person inside struggling to get out. There never was.

There might be a stocky, slightly muscular guy, perhaps… but maybe he loves the layer of blubber a little too much to want to break out beyond the little bit of exercise I do put in on a daily basis… just enough to perhaps keep the muscles in place but not enough to break away the fat. At least I’ve not had to buy larger clothes for the last few years.

So, for a person of my size, travelling – especially by plane – don’t think it’s gonna be a fun thing. Being a freelance writer, it’s not like I can afford upgraded seats and having to pay extra because of the size. If I could teleport from country to country, that might be cool… or even if I had access to the Catbus… >sigh<

(c) Studio Ghibli

(c) Studio Ghibli

I can dream, right?
I mean… just look at it go.

Where’s all this going? Well, I’ve been to the local airport at least six time over this month and on the last trip, I actually noticed the sign-board that I drove past so many times before.

Really, though… for the rest of you around the world… Can you tell me if this really IS the iconography for a plane arriving?




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2 thoughts on “It’s Half The Fun…

  1. Anna Surface says:

    I do not care to travel restricted in any shape or form. That is why I avoid airplanes, buses, and group rides. I am a free agent and prefer to drive so that I can get away if I want to and be comfortable. So, flying to other places or countries long range isn’t my cup of tea. I do enjoy flying… well, I used to before the world changed. As far as being, “fat”, my grandmother used to say “pleasantly plump” as we all were and are great eaters and enjoy our food. We were the ones to get snarky when eating less than comfort foods and sweets. I enjoyed your thoughts, B. 🙂

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