Warm and Inviting


November 14, 2014 by bck1402

Had dinner with my mom the other night in this Japanese Restaurant. Half of the restaurant had normal tables and chairs while the other half had Japanese-style low tables. You could either kneel or sit on the floor. Under the table was a hole, like a recess into the floor, where you legs would be.

If you look through my instagrams, I have this thing where I tend to look up, and I noticed these lights over this half of the restaurant. The lamps were of various shapes and sizes, constructed out of these coloured glass. I figured I’d share these in line with the Photography 101 assignment: Warmth because it did give the restaurant a nice warm glow, along with the wooden fixtures and nice varnish.

DSC_0116This round one was directly over me.

And here are the other shapes of lamps on the other row.


I had to turn the exposure setting down in order to capture the colours of the glass on the lamps. The initial shots only showed bright light and you couldn’t see the colours.

Aside from shrinking the size of the image down, they are untouched. The softness further away from the centre is the problem with the lens on my Xperia Ion smartphone camera, which is also affecting the focus a little. Even a quick snap like this…


… and you can see the problems with the auto-focus coming up. Yeh – nasty looking clouds, aren’t they. This was taken at the airport after I dropped some friends off for their flight. Read in the papers this morning that the rainfall caused flooding in the parking lot and arrival terminal- again. Don’t know how true that is because the Federal Government loves pointing out the faults of the Opposition State Government in the local newspapers very often, even though the renovation of the airport fell under the purview of the Federal Government.

Ah, well… politics. Not gonna dwell on that here.

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4 thoughts on “Warm and Inviting

  1. charlypriest says:

    Nice setting, what did you choose sitting on chair or no chair, then there´s the art of eating with the tiny sticks( what are they called forgot the name in english), That is an art that I still have to master and I love Japanese food. There´s only one restaurant in a town nearby where I live since I live in the middle of nowhere but that town has a Japanese restaurant, and the irony,the owner is Chinese, but the wife is Japanese. Go figure that one out, but it´s delicious. Although is certainly not as beautiful as the one I saw, and no sitting on the ground for sure.

    • bck1402 says:

      We sat on the floor with the low table!
      Yes, we eat with chopsticks, too, but I’ve never really learnt to handle the properly. I get by, though. There are Japanese chain restaurants around Penang that are run by local Malays, or even Chinese cooks. But there are also pure Japanese restaurants too, so we do have options. Lots of Japanese living in Penang.

  2. Gillian ong says:

    Oooohhh lights :p . which restaurant is it tho? I’m intrigued ;0

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