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November 11, 2014 by bck1402

When I got my book (self-) published, I had people asking me how they could get a copy. Given the nature of the publishers I went with, getting it into proper bookshops was not an easy thing.

Locally, every major book shop gets their supply from one of three distribution companies. I couldn’t just go up to a major books shop here like Popular or Borders or MPH and ask them to carry my book. I tried. I sent out e-mails to each of them and was then pointed to other companies.

Here in Penang, there was at least one book-store that stood independent, Book Zone in Penang Plaza. I got to talk to the retailer there and he agreed to check out my book and then sell it. I passed him 14 copies to put on the shelves. That was about three weeks ago.

I directed my local friends to his bookshop to grab a copy of my book for themselves as an alternative to ordering it online. A couple of them bought the book and posted a picture of themselves, with the book, on my Facebook page and I appreciated that. As far as I knew, there were a total of three books sold – from what I could see.

Then yesterday, I got a request for additional copies. I only had five left to spare, so today I took them over to Book Zone. While there, I found out that the book was selling and after these five, it would be considered “Sold Out” at least in Penang. I also decided to grab a shot of the book on the shelves. I browsed around the Young Adults section first, thinking that I would get mixed into the company the likes of Suzanne Collins or JK Rowling or (shudder) Stephanie Meyer.

No such luck. The book wasn’t there.

I knew there was at least one more on the shelf because the retailer directed his assistant to check the price on the shelf copy in order to price the new arrivals. So I went hunting. Where did this retailer think my book deserve to be?

Turns out, it’s in pretty good company. At least he thinks so.


Not too shabby.

Really. I didn’t take the book from some other shelf and put it there just to snap a picture. Would have been easy, and I would have been equally pleased to share the shelf with the likes of Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen.

For anyone else who has read the book (and thank you so very much, by the way), what do you think? Is it in its right place?

Amazon (US) / Barnes and Noble / Lybrary / Blackwell’s (UK) / Powell’s Books (Oregon US) / Amazon (Ca) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (Jp) / aLibris Book Depository / Best Deals (ISBNS.net)


2 thoughts on “On The Shelf

  1. shinjibae says:

    Congratulations!!! That is so exciting. I really want to write a novel someday also ~

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