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November 5, 2014 by bck1402

Tsu logoYeah – I got onto tsū (pronounced ‘Sue’) that new social network that’s making waves because it claims to pay you back for sharing your content. At least, I think it’s supposed to do that. There’s a “Bank” page there along with other typical stuff like “Notifications” and “Feed”. I joined up on November 1st and so far… nada.

They say it’s like using Facebook and you do what you’d normally do on Facebook. Suffice to say, I was wary. I know my social networking habits. I don’t have deep insights that I paste to my Facebook wall every few hours, or every day, or every week… How often am I here on WordPress? When work calls, I’m off doing that and everything else takes a back-seat. Nothing I’ve ever posted has ever ‘gone viral’ not that it actually mattered to me. If I can reach out to one or two, who might appreciate what I have to say, I’m actually happy. How and why one particular entry I’ve done gets more views than any other is still a mystery to me.

Of course, if something sounds too good to be true on the internet, you’d want to do a little research and check things out for yourself, right? So I started with the typical search and see what articles come up. One of those I latched onto was a WordPress site run by Anna (lovely lady) who provided some feedback about her experiences thus far as well as a link to another – and wary – question. If this social network claims it can pay you back the advertising revenue, how true is that? Is it a scam?

It’s still too early for me to tell on that front, but if they’re asking for money or making use of my work for other nefarious purposes, I’m out of there. Not that Facebook or Instagram or even WordPress can’t do that already. Additionally, I’m wary of how much personal information I’m sharing out there. which is actually less than what I’ve shared here so far. Since I was worried about content ownership, this article naturally got my attention. It soon led to the following video where the creator of tsū tries to explain the concept to Fox News.

Well, it’s Fox News, so proceed at your own discretion.

If that’s not enough, maybe this article might make it a little clearer.


Now, some have claimed that they can work the system and really make some money with this social network – and there are quite a few videos to show you how – although there are also quite a few who are very wary of spammers who are abusing the system. Not really my thing to do that. If I’m going to build a group of friends or followers there, I’d like to try and have some kind of decent exchange like most of what I have here on WordPress. What I do here is not what I do on Facebook, and it’s also not what I do on Instagram.

Hence, what I do on tsū… is a little of what I do on Facebook, but more than that, I’m trying to market my book to other people who aren’t “Facebook friends”. The few I’ve reached out about this thus far are the ones who seem to enjoy sharing ideas be it their blog, their art, their photos, their YouTube videos and the like. I didn’t reach out to those who are in Facebook to play games, share other people’s post or preach. The way I look at tsū is more of an avenue to spread and share the ideas and work, a place to try marketing, but fairly (and some might say I’m being naive about that).

The site is still fairly new and there appears to be quite a lot of things they need to work out; an ‘edit’ function on posts would be greatly appreciated. Joining is by knowing someone who already signed up; you can’t just use your e-mail like with Facebook, or here. In other words, “Join me.”

It’s really up to you, if you think it’ll help. Or if you want to try something new. Some of us barely have enough time with the numerous networks we’re on, not to mention the time it takes to put up a post here either. The ones who might benefit most are the ones who can probably put up something witty that will be shared and spread around quickly and widely. That’s really not me at all… kinda obvious from my posts here, and on Facebook. Even the few I’ve posted to tsū are barely being shared.

Does that shed a little more light on me then?


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