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November 4, 2014 by bck1402

It just happened to coincide with the Photography 101 Daily Post.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been snapping away randomly as best as I can with the phone-camera to try to make it learn how to focus on what I want. Occasionally, it’s a quick and random snapshot, like this one…


I was at a junction, waiting out a rather long red light. That happens when you’re at a cross junction and the lights rotate to allow one part of the junction to move at a time instead of allowing two way traffic. Anyway, thought the ole coffee-shop (there on the right) looked interesting with its curved facade, and contrasting rather nicely with the more modern structure to the left. Penang has a rather odd mix like that.

For example…


A part of the town area still has these old two-storey town houses/shop-lots going as far back to our colonial days, most are now preserved by our World Heritage status. But you can also notice the newer multi-storied apartment blocks further back, out of town. Not to say there aren’t such buildings within town itself, especially considering the height at which I took this shot (8-storey shopping complex).

I’m beginning to notice that just maybe, there’s nothing wrong with the focus, but it’s likely the lens that has a problem. The centre point is fairly sharp in focus, and that focus tapers off towards the edges, more so to the left.

Ah, well…

Aside from reducing its size, the photos are untouched.

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