Catching Time


November 3, 2014 by bck1402

blank clockThere never seems to be enough time, but that’s not really true.

Is it?

Can’t tell.

It’s all relative, after all.

Maybe I’m just getting things done a little slower than I used to. Or my pace has remained the same and time is just ticking by a little faster.

It sure didn’t move this fast a few decades back. Go out and play a while; explore a park; run around with a few friends – just be home to clean up before dinner. How time stretched out then.

Now, I’m trying to catch up on a few shows, a movie here or there (finally got around to The Book of Life, reviewed here), finish up reading a book (Greg Rucka’s Alpha, now just have to wait for Bravo to make it to paperback), getting some writing in on a personal project/script/perhaps book… trying to set up my new tsū page (feel free to click and join me, or was I being rash ~scratch scratch~ in signing up for that?), knock off a drawing or two, not to mention the few articles I’ve read and thought that just maybe I could do a write up about them here… That’s still to come.

Add to that the week-nightly work of teaching English to teenagers who aren’t very very very keen to learn, and it does get a touch tiring at times. Even sleep. Where’s the time for that?

It’s about over twenty minutes since I started this… did the time just zip by? Doesn’t look like I’ve written that much. Or is it because of the correcting-on-the-fly-where-i-can that’s slowing me down.

Maybe it’s just the internet?

Or media saturation… it’s just everywhere.

Something is stealing time.

That’s for sure.

Because there’s just never enough anymore.

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6 thoughts on “Catching Time

  1. charlypriest says:

    I need to talk either to the Gods of time or the Gods of organisational skills. I don´t even know how you people(and that is the great majority of the population) manage, in your case to review movies, write script´s, go out with friends or take care of the family…all those normal things. I just don´t see the time to do them. I write, I blog, I read the blogs, the blogging thing in itself will take me 3 hours, not kidding. Then the writing part, but I´m a person that can only write during the morning I just can´t get myself to write after eating lunch, so then I read about writing, how to write a novel in my case while I´m writing a novel…go figure that one out. Then I get back to reading blogs, and that is when I´m a recluse at home! If I go out and be with people then I find it extremely hard to write so I just walk around the worpress world. And is frustrating, I can´t concentrate on my little novella when I just spend a day with a girl and I´m trying to figure out some angle to the thing or whatever so I disconnect and read blogs, but can´t freaking write that I have to do it early in the morning and not everyday I can sit in front of my computer early in the morning I also have a life out there, so how in the world do people manage to do so many things, just aludes me…either I stay out with people or stay in with the writing, but can´t seem to do both…..I´m just weird

    That was a ramble, man did I vent here. Sorry.

    P.S. Can you tell me the trick to do all the things you do in the day then?

    • bck1402 says:

      Well, thank you for commenting and I’m pretty much a recluse too. With the exception of hitting the cinemas for the occasional movie. I can count the friends I have on one hand, and they have their families to be concerned with, so I barely see them. No family to take care off too and yet… Time… Wish I had a lovely girl to hang with, but instead, I spend my spare time writing, reading, watching movies… And somewhere in all that, ideas can percolate to help break a block. Would that help?
      My brain somehow becomes most active when I need sleep tho… That’s often where the time sacrifice is.

  2. Topaz says:

    Very true. If only there were an extra hour in the day – if only to catch up on sleep! 😛

  3. tastehitch says:

    I know this feeling all too well. 🙂

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