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October 17, 2014 by bck1402

Quite often, I don’t always have the time to read through articles on line at a particular given time. So, I copy the URLs onto a text file and keep them aside until I have time on the weekend to check them out properly.

Is that weird?

Some might say it would be easy to just bookmark the page, or add them to a reader list on the browser. Well, it does clog up both if you’re not diligent enough to clear them out once you’re done reading through the material, or watching that video, or listening to that song.

Just to give you an idea of what I do check out – and some thought to accompany the sites I visited – let’s try this. I’ve seen some of the others I follow do this before, and its often quite interesting. So, my turn… and maybe you’ll find out something more about me.

Like here I am standing in the rain at a bus-stop.


Okay, not really. That image comes courtesy of the My Neighbor Totoro Facebook page.

I use the Totoro avatar on my pages, even here.

* Politics- Bolivia and The Law

Bolivia recently enacted a law aimed to reduce domestic violence against women. I don’t know much about the social problems of Bolivia, if such a law is warranted. That’s not to say that such violations aren’t happening, but it must be a serious issue if a law has to be enacted.

But what really caught my attention about the law in Bolivia is that they have a Law of Mother Earth, making Bolivia the first country ever to give the Earth itself comprehensive legal rights! This, in the effort to halt climate change and prevent further exploitation of natural resources. I can’t think of any progressive country who’d be willing to follow this idea. They’d be too concerned over the loss of profits gained from constantly exploiting the planet. You can check out the details here. 

* Comics- A New Spider-Woman

Well, actually an alternate reality Spider-Woman, who may or may not be existing in the current Marvel universe. But if she does end up in the current 616 Universe along with Peter Parker, it’ll make for a really interesting dynamic.

Introduced in the second issue of Edge of Spider-Verse, Gwen Stacey: Spider-Woman is being given an ongoing series. If any of you have seen The Amazing Spider-Man movies, you’d know who Gwen Stacey is and what she means to Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Aside from the announcement, there are no details as yet, but it looks like she’ll survive the current Spider-Verse storyline which is seeing a lot of alternate Spider-Man characters being knocked-off.

* Videos, a few of them.

The designer / artist side of me love watching things like this. From conception to the final product, a really fancy watch being put together.

CollegeHumor put up this three minute video with a dare. Maybe you’ve seen it around by now, maybe not. I didn’t think it was much of a challenge because I found it fascinating while thinking about how difficult it would be for kids these days to actually accomplish the dare – to watch the three minute video without skipping through the scroll bar, or opening another window, or just do anything else.

On a more risqué social experiment front, someone thought it would be interesting to see how normal people would react when a porn star would approach them with a simple request / suggestion. Apparently, it’s been banned from YouTube due to its nature, so consider yourself warned of it NSFW content – even though it’s not in English. Don’t I wish a nice lady would do that to me. Proceed at your own accord.

Taking up even more time was this documentary about Women in Space. Can you tell I like quite a bit about Space? I know the first woman in Space was Russian (as was the first man in Space), and America didn’t get a woman into space until a good number of years later.

And finally, here’s pixie goddess Lindsey Stirling

And that’s about it.

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  1. Svelte says:

    Not weird at all! I’ve done this in the past, mostly with vid links…which I should get to in this lifetime! Heh…
    Lindsey is superb!:-)

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