Rainy Day


October 5, 2014 by bck1402

Or rather a rainy couple of days, and despite being in a tropical country, it’s been pretty cold. Still, it was nice to step out between the showers to snap a few photos.

So, some normal shots of this beautiful flower. No idea what it’s called though. You can notice the water droplets all around

Then a little later, I cracked out the little macro lens I picked up. It’s part of a set that also has a wide-angle lens and a fish-bowl lens, but it’s the macro lens I was most interested in… and got these close-ups.

Really though, handling a hand-held phone camera with a macro lens is no walk in the park. The macro lens, as with the zoom lens, amplifies the slightest movement, so it’s a real pain trying to grab a steady shot. The really tiny depth-of-field drives the camera’s auto-focus crazy because the slightest movement changes the focal point drastically.

Not to mention how close to the subject you have to hold the camera.

Still, lots of fun things to do with it.

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2 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. Svelte says:

    I enjoyed this because I do have an affinity for rain! And omg, I am totally psyched to name that red flower for you! It’s the Ixora Coccinea (I believe). 🙂

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Nothing special. Saw a #kitty in an #alley and had to snap a pic.
#moonfilter with some adjustments for that artsy #blackandwhite feel. Quick #pencil #sketch of #SyndiJean a little more mature than in the stories.
#figure #drawing Good #morning with this #street level #dawn approx 715am. #clouds look like they might have rain... hopefully.
#skyscape #sky 
Taken with #SamsungJ7 #unfiltered because nothing is going to make this #dawn kick off another hot day
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