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October 3, 2014 by bck1402

How about that, the one hundredth post for this blog.
Not that I was actually keeping count, but WordPress did it for me.
Let’s step back in time for this one.

cvrTheMeetEven before making The Syndi-Jean Journal an actual blog in those Geocities days, I attempted to try putting my work out there in a different way. This was somewhere between and, definitely before took over those two – so I still have my e-mail addresses under those. When you had an e-mail under one of those, you had a website to play with, like having a Yahoo e-mail gave you access to Geocities. Those have gone the way of the Dodo now, but I did try putting some stuff up, including a sketch of Syndi-Jean…

… and a couple of pdf comics.
One was written by a friend and I illustrated it. He called it “Bad Crazies” and it was a little like an X-Files kinda thing. It was the rage in those days.

The other comic featured Syndi-Jean’s mother, Eriel Fawson.
And there you have Syndi-Jean’s surname.

This was back in 2005-2006, and I was trying to figure out a way to introduce the character minus the baggage that was her life as I knew it. So I came up with a short story where she goes for a meet, a discussion follows where this ‘agent’ reviews her file and a ‘kidnapping’ she’s involved in. It was meant to be a quick short to set up the character and her skills, even if her other abilities are mentioned if not shown.

Since finishing the Journal and trying to pursue other projects, my mind came back to this short and I wondered if just maybe I could expand it to a full novel-length story, done in a more traditional narrative instead of the first person perspective of the Journal. Even if I took the short story as a starting point, what would the rest of the plot be like?

And if I wanted to write it, was there a way I could start it without referring to the weather, or her specific actions in entering the story as you can see below. Don’t mind the size, they were set for a time when 640×480 was considered high resolution. Yeh – I’m not posting the whole thing. Some of it’s out-dated now.

They were done in this landscape format because the intention was to allow a reader to flip from page to page, on screen without having to scroll from top to bottom. 16 horizontal pages which, when arranged in a normal book format, would give me an 8-page comic. If I were to do this again, the art would look different. So this 6-screen gallery would be 3 pages.

The location was a forest resort, so she would come out of the forest and head for the pub for a meet. It’s a late night meet, so it would be cold, having it set somewhere in Germany. It also ended with her walking down the same path and disappearing into the forest.

So, cold dark night and a woman emerging from the darkened shadows of a forest… what would that opening line be that wouldn’t refer to the cold dark night or her boots crunching the gravel as she walked up the path. It felt like starting with those would be a cliché. At least it wasn’t a “dark and stormy night.”

In any case, I think I’ve got a plot laid out for what happens next after the meet, but there’s still some of the plot to work out; maybe a twist in the tale. Or should I just let things happen again and just see what happens next, based on how I know Eriel will react? It worked for Syndi-Jean, but that was a whole different beast of a narrative.

Just have to keep in mind that one crucial detail.
No one else knows the long convoluted history that would bog down the story. Have to keep that under control.

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