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September 28, 2014 by bck1402

I figured that just maybe, Syndi-Jean had something to say about her journal being made public. If she did have something to say, it’d probably go like this…


sj1Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve done anything like this.

Remington informed me that he has released the first year of my journal to the general public. He intends to do the same for the subsequent years I maintained the journal. That’s three in all because after that, it didn’t seem as necessary to continue. Honestly, I don’t know what to think about his plan. In my mind, it’s always been out in the public.

In any case, Remington has asked my to address a few things. It was my choice, of course, to address the few ‘talking points’ he suggested I touch on. Well, here I am.

So let’s start with my name. Even going by Syndi-Jean while at the Facility, my full name would often elicit  questions as to its origins. More so when I’m in the field and have to introduce myself. Well, what can I say? My mom gave me the name Syndicessca, and only said that it was in memory of a close friend who died a couple of years before I was born. How that friend got the name, I have no idea. That was all she wanted to name me, but my aunt, that’s Callie’s mom, pointed out that all the girls in the family have a middle name. In that spirit, she simply dropped Jeannie in there.

My brother Rick was named after mom’s brother (Johnathan) and her boyfriend at the time (Richard), both who also died before I was born. Her brother, Jonathan, is Jenna’s father. All that’s an aside, tho.

As to calling it the Facility, it really was simply that – the International Foundation for Universal Future’s Facility of Education, Learning and Understanding. Cumbersome, isn’t it? They’ve since renamed the core Foundation a couple of years back- Coalition for Universal Future Foundation. I thought it was equally cumbersome, having ‘coalition’ and ‘foundation’ in there, but I guess they wanted to get that cool, if gruff, acronym. What do I know? I just work there part time anyway.

Did I give too much away?
It’s up to Remington to decide that one.

The most I can recall is that my first year was tough. If you are reading it, please be patient. I remember playing around with how to write things for a long time; what I was allowed to write and what I had to put some veil of secrecy over. I guess it’s all coming out now. Those three years of my life were pretty turbulent, but I’ve since come to terms with it all. It’s put me on the path I am on today.

What else can I say here that won’t give away too much? Well, here I am writing this, so I’m still around and so is the Foundation and its Facility. As mentioned, I work with them part time, and I’m still learning as well. We never stop learning, do we? We still operate clandestinely. I suppose I could reveal the fates of several people I mentioned in my journal, but that may be considered as ‘spoilers’. It’ll probably be best not to say anything until after the rest of the journals come out, if Remington sticks to his plan.

Perhaps after reading my journal, you may want to try seeking us out. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find you.

  • SJF.



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  1. tantoverde says:

    🙂 we already started our search

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