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September 24, 2014 by bck1402

I don’t often do this but…

Not an enticing opening is it? Well, it’s not like I’m always writing or reading or catching up on shows, and I do browse around the web every now and then. I thought I’d try sharing some things I found interesting lately.

For example, by the time I finish writing this and posting it, India’s MOM would probably have arrived at Mars. Well, not really a mom, but the Mars Orbiter Mission probe and at this time, it still has to execute a slow-down manoeuvre to achieve orbit, so here’s hoping it makes it.

Imagine that! India!
They got a probe out there to Mars. America, sure. Russia, why not? China even, they’ll take a shot. Japan? Quite likely. But who really expected India? I know I envisioned a world where every country in the world would have a chance for a shot at Space – and I won’t count how my own country spent… how much(?)… to send one National to Russia, get trained and then become… a space tourist – and still somehow stand proud to put a Malaysian in Space. There was no actual discovery, no learning of the process to build a rocket, no exploration or actual attempt to improve the science within our country. WDragonShuttlee just held a contest, picked one fella and sent him to Russia to hitch a ride into Space and come back.

Anyway, here’s the article on India’s probe…

Meanwhile, the SpaceX Dragon shuttle has reached the ISS. I’m very excited for this new shuttle. You can read about it here.


Emma Watson made some news talking at the UN about Feminism and gender equality. She not the first to approach this subject and it’s been around for a long time. I’m not sure I’m reading it right tho when she puts it as, “feminism, by definition, is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.”

Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Feminism was about women having equal right and opportunities as men have, because such things were not balanced or equal in the first place. This has led to women finding their place in the common workforce and upwards, even becoming members (or even the head) of the governing board of any company. Even with these successes, the core of the problem is that we are still in a male dominated environment, very often from political and religious standpoints. I wouldn’t throw in ‘cultural’ into the mix because there are cultures in the world that revere a woman’s position in society.

Ultimately, it is about power. If you go back to the era before religion became a major factor in society, women had all the power, especially with the mystery of childbirth in their arena. When religion came about, it put the power into the hands of men, and they’ve held tight ever since. The thing about having power is that it makes one very wary of anything that comes along that will diminish that power and steps are always taken to ensure such an event never happens. Just look at any political arena.

The only time in anyone’s life where equality is a factor, is when they are kids. Anything any adult knows be it a political stance, a religious belief or even a cultural connection – all that gets ingrained into a person as they are growing up. If you want true equality, to create a society where gender roles don’t matter and religion never factors into anything else, it has to start with the kids and their education.

And that is not likely to happen because even adults will never give their power away to kids.

There is more to this, like when Ms Watson touches on the aggressiveness of women which leads to men being treated as less than men… but we’ll that alone for now. It’s a whole other thing.

[add Sep 23 – so she takes a stand and some people feel the need to take away her power. Here’s a follow up.]

To end this, and without rambling too long…

I once wrote about Steven Soderbergh and his preference of Raiders Of The Lost Ark in black and white, that was back in December 2012. Well, Soderbergh has gone one further now in discussing cinematographer Douglas Slocombe’s lighting and shooting style, even going so far as to put the entire movie on his website – in black and white, AND removing the original sound and dialogue.

Well, you can check that out for yourself, and if the movie is not there, I guess that copyright became an issue. Still, if you have Raiders in your collection, You could just mute the colours yourself and watch it that way anyway…

So, I’m outta here for now.



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