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September 18, 2014 by bck1402

Having gotten that first book self-punished, the trick is getting it noticed. Without that, no one’s going to know about it and no one’s going to try it, so no one’s going to buy it. At least, that’s the reasoning.

So, for my part, I don’t intend to bombard you, my few faithful followers, with the occasional post asking you to take a chance on my book. It sure wouldn’t work for the movie reviews I do on another site. After all, those who might be following that site may not necessarily drop by here on the occasion I might do some write-up about the Journal.

To that end, I ‘borrowed’ a typical marketing gimmick that pops up almost everywhere, no matter what site you visit – the banner ad.

With my own twist.

Because I’m not getting paid with every click through people make.

I made the banner ad below and then took the more… difficult? harder? off-beat?… method of adding the links. The banner ad doesn’t link you anywhere. The links below it do. Just that each one of those links have to be manually put in. Y’know, click that ‘insert link’ button for each of them. The more sites I find I can link to, the more links I can add in – and the more work it is.

But then, marketing is work, right? You can’t just expect to put out a book and then sit back and think it’s all done. And in a way, I’m directing you to where you can find the book with just that click…

And if I put it on every post from here on out, it’s just a reminder with a honest “Thank you for reading.” And I get to momentarily plug the Reviews Links page too. The BoxTrolls has opened over here ahead of the US release, so at least, that review would help carry the new banner ad.

It’s not going to be to obtrusive, right?
At least, not anymore that any other banner ad on any other site…


Amazon (US) / Barnes and Noble / Lybrary / Blackwell’s (UK) /
Powell’s Books (Oregon US) / Amazon (Ca) / Amazon (UK) /
Amazon (Jp) / aLibris


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