September 14, 2014 by bck1402

On September 9th 2014, I got the e-mail congratulating me on being officially published. A day later, I talked to my Service Rep who told me that the book is already listed on at least one major online book-store. Nice of them to help on that. Official Cvr Yep – I went with Partridge (part of Author Solutions – and there are probably some of you with alarm bells going off now), which is also a subsidiary of Penguin Books. Well, when I first made contact wight he publication company, it was Trafford Publications out of Singapore. And I was very well aware that I was moving into self-publication, not some company picking up my book and publishing it for me. In that respect, my expectations aren’t that high and I don’t think I’m deluding myself that I’m going to hit it big this way.

What it gives me  – and that’s just to me and perspective – is that I have the book out there. Getting it noticed and sold is going to be another matter right now.

So here’s step one – letting you few followers out there, be it on WordPress, Facebook and… I think that’s it (yikes)… letting you fine fellows and followers that I’ve written a book and it’s out there for you to check out, hopefully buy and invite others to also check it out and buy. I’m not expecting ‘blockbusting’ sales, but I do hope I get to share this story with some out there. Like a decent majority of my Facebook friends actually picking it up as well as the few followers I have on WordPress giving it a shot. After all, most of you have probably followed my journey in getting this book out. If not, just look at the attached tags and click on ‘syndi-jean’ for the other articles.

So why did I wait five days before writing it out here?

Well… I have no real excuse. I thought giving it a few days would have more links popping up in other online retailers. Didn’t really need to do that, did I? One search engine later and I’ve found the book listed, so far, on the following…

Barnes and Noble 


Amazon UK 

Amazon Japan 
(and probably other Amazon sites too)




The last three specialise in digital formats.

I know the publishers has some small marketing things they said they would do, and I know I have to do my part. This is new territory for me, and I’ve seen some fellow writers constantly promoting their books over and over on Facebook, occasionally here on WordPress.

Have to figure what’s step two, or If I keep repeating step one for now.


2 thoughts on “Published

  1. charlypriest says:

    Congratulation my friend, should be quite exciting to be published and even better not being self published.

    • bck1402 says:

      Thank you – although it is technically self-published.
      Partridge is a boutique publishing company, but the bright side is they help to market and sell the book instead of me being saddled with a few thousand copies to move on my own, if I went to a printer over here.

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