Off To See The Wizard

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September 6, 2014 by bck1402

cvr001-fnlSo The Syndi-Jean Journal is on the final review process before heading to the printers. It’s been a tough long road with these last few years being the edit and rewrite process. It is still the self-publishing route and making absolutely sure there are no more little errors has been a real lesson in patience; going real slow and reading every line more than once or twice while seriously questioning the spelling of every word.

Even as I’m writing now, every word seems just that little bit on the odd side. If all goes well from here, it should have a listing on Amazon by December.

Of course, there’s still the marketing to handle.
Getting the book printed is easy. Just make sure everything is nice and correct. Getting it sold means getting it known, which means marketing. Sure, writing about it here is one thing, and I have a few followers, but I need to reach out even more if I want to reach a wider market. Thing is, I know I’m introverted. Reaching out to crowds is not a comfortable thing for me. I can barely function when out with friends in a group of more than three!

Even here, I know I don’t get that many hits, or at least, the stats don’t climb very much in a week. Then again, I’m not too active here, am I? When there’s work to be done, I go missing like crazy. Yeah~ there was a script to be completed before the beginning of the month.

And the job did help me finally join the iPad community, so guess what I’m writing this post on? No prizes, tho.

montageIn any case, the picture above is the finalised cover design, minus the watermark of course.. Over on the left is a montage of the pencil sketch, the ink work and the colouring that was done on Sketchbook Lite. The publishers did have a cover design team, but try as they did – and I truly do appreciate their efforts – it didn’t reflect what I really wanted for the cover. Also, they relied on stock images. They said I could contribute my own cover, so I did. They loved it and suggested going with it. I have a fixed idea of how Syndi-Jean looks, and it’s not like I’m going to find a stock image of some Amer-Asian girl that easily.

Yes, I did retain the title design from before. In a way, I can send the finalised corrected version to the Australian publisher who helped get the initial print out. Good thing I never finalised that one for sale, tho. Wouldn’t have been good to have an erroneous edition out there. They’ll still use the other cover design, tho.

I should get an update from the publisher sometime next week, however the process is moving along.

in the meantime, there editing on Year Two to get through and yes, I’m applying lessons learnt from this experience. There’s also playing around with my new toy. It’s so wizard!


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