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July 4, 2014 by bck1402

Gone Dark.

Missing In Action.


Or just plain too lazy to post anything for way too long, perhaps?

Maybe just keeping really busy.

In any case, some kind of update is in order, just so to indicate that this blog is not dead. But yes, I’ve been away for a while due to some work related stuff.

It does get to the point where you’re writing to make cash and the last thing you want to do with down time is write some more. Now I can’t really share much due to the nature of the work, but what I can say is that there’s work to be done and it involves writing. In a few years, who knows, maybe there’ll be a new string of “Script to Screen” posts to put up. So that’ll give a hint as to what I’ve been up to. And the deadline is just crazy tight.

In addition to that, there was the editing on book one of “The Journal” that was ongoing while communicating with a potential publisher who offer print-to-order services. Just an avenue to get the book out there.

Then there was the part-time day job and the part-time night job, one of which is on hold to focus on the writing bit…

It’s just a lot that I’ve also cut down on the cinematic trips. Two movies over the last four weeks is a 50% reduction, right?

And frankly, I have no idea what to write about for now… But it’s just an update.


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