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May 15, 2014 by bck1402

A large part of my CD collection ~ yes, it’s a CD collection built up since the 90s ~ is made up of soundtracks. Film music from the likes of John Williams, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri and many more (Peter Gabriel’s awesome score for The Last Temptation of Christ included).

Over the last decade or so, even trailers started having original music created to evoke that awesome sensation selling point. One such outfit specialising in this kind of music is audiomachine. With the release of their new album of such music, a little contest came about where writers and artists are given the opportunity to create a kind of epic hero based on one piece of rather sombre sounding music. It does have an epic feel to it, but it also seems to evoke that ‘dark hero’ sensibility.

Despite that, I decided to try my hand at it… not that the music was inspiring much out of me. My head just decided to head off in another direction. A sense of royalty came to mind. And I knew I wanted a female character…


A rough sketch was done and there was that early idea to have some crown like head-dress. Also, a mask… or two; something to cover the eyes like any typical hero, but a scarf to cover the face as well. A sword or a staff, perhaps, and a mystical gem that gave her some energy power, enhancing her physical strength without bulking her up.


The outfit would have a strong and sturdy front; an almost armour-like leather piece unlike the rest of the outfit. Not quite a costume, but something practical. An “AM” emblem on the side of the sleeve, just because…

She would come from the dark realms, but more as light, fighting for justice. “Princess Justice” seemed a little girly and on the nose, and turning it around to “Justice Princess” wasn’t any better.color01

When it came to the colours, the black leather idea was just classic, rolling with the music for that darkness bit, but again, it needed a lighter touch. For more contrast, I threw in red on the boots and gloves, as well as a scarf mask that was long enough to seem like a small(ish) cape. Ultimately, the crown head-dress got thrown out because they looked too horny.

And I ended up with the name JustiCera ~ just so the justice word was in there and mixed with a name “Cera”. Okay – so it might be cheesy, but was really just for the fun of it. Maybe I shouldn’t have toned down her bosom too much…?


Ultimately, maybe my colours are a little too light to suit the music, but what the heck…

My current round of editing was done, I caught up with one movie, and I wanted to do this one before the next job took over my time.

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