Keeping Busy


May 7, 2014 by bck1402

Well, in a way.

So, what happened?
Writing is fun and easy. Editing is hell.


Source: A League on Independent Writers

Source: A League of Independent Writers

I got two forms of feedback on my manuscript – finally – which led to another round of editing. It’s still going on, although I am in the home stretch; if there’s such a place in the editing process.

One set of feedback came from a former English teacher, who grumbled about the varied tenses throughout, the over reliance on “really,” “actually,” “kinda,” “sort of” and other bits, even with the understanding that each entry was written in a present moment relating things that happened, are happening and would likely happen. Past, present and future tenses fighting with each other within one paragraph; it’s madness I tell ya. MADNESSSS!!!
Then there was the desire to keep the character’s voice within the writing, almost as if there was a verbal vocabulary going on, rather than a written vocabulary. Nothing would tick an English teacher off more.

The other set of feedback came from a retired literature lecturer, who gave notes more on structure, asked questions of the plot and even admitted that what I had written wasn’t her kind of thing. It’s not like I’m writing some literary classic that would end up in schools; would be nice tho.

With all that feedback, I went back into the text with a fresher perception, less as the reader/writer that I always approached in editing before. It’s taken longer too, re-reading and adjusting and rewriting where necessary, to either make things clearer or to simply correct a sentence structure. Some longer sentences that were cut short before got expanded again to allow a flow. Whole paragraphs got slaughtered; some removed.

As I near the end of this round of editing, a whopping 6000+ words have been removed from the last edit; a total of 11,600+ words since the first edit. 50 pages to the end of book one.

This is all on top of other work and projects and side things that have also keeping me busy- like this one; still a week to go, for anyone else interested in trying. There’s also trying to get the whole thing published properly. You may notice that my movie reviews haven’t been updated as often as it used to. Heck, I still haven’t gotten to The Amazing Spider-Man II and Brick Mansions, both that I want to see.

Ah, well… back to the grindstone.

By the way, as to that pie chart above… there was never any point where I “wished (I) never started the bloody thing.”

3 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. charlypriest says:

    Shattered dreams.
    As an inspiring author I´d like to stick to the first graph……..can´t have everything in life I guess. But I still will like to think that I can still make my own graph.

    • bck1402 says:

      To each their own.
      It’s just I finished writing a few years back and have been editing ever since, trying to knock it into the shape of a proper book.

      • charlypriest says:

        I know, editing is crucial. I just hate it. I prefer the creative process and then magically it would turn out perfect. But I get it, that writers we do have to spend a lot of time in the editing process, just pisses me off 🙂

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