Script and Screen Double CingKus Feature

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February 24, 2014 by bck1402

So we have a double feature here as I catch up on a couple of releases in the CingKus Blues series being released over the YouTube channel. These are from very early in the process of writing the scripts and my memory is a little hazy on them now, but there are a few things I can comment on.

The first is Fun At The Beach and this was working off some suggestions to do something that’s perhaps a little more local, and to make use of some of the other characters they had in terms of design. There was a bulldog of sorts among the designs so I figured, there’s a cat and rat, why not the dog. Following the naming system the had for Cing (from ‘kucing’ which is Malay for Cat) and Kus (from ’tikis’ which is Malay for Rat), and used the name Jing (from the Malay for dog, ‘anjing’). I can’t really recall if they actually used that name in the end. He does appear in the first episode, Working At the Mall.

In any case, since Penang has its beaches, I decided on doing a beach holiday thing, where Cing and Kus take part in some beach activities. Sandcastle building was easy, but I wanted something really crazy and different instead of a typical race. So the wheelbarrow race idea came up, but I added that they had to roll a coconut across the sand as well. Honestly, that was it. When it came to a third activity, the para-sailing thing was common enough around Penang at the time, that I figured it was something that could be used to some hilarious effect. Up to you to decide IF I was successful with that.

I think they did follow the script fairly closely, and I did give them the leeway to make changes as needed to accommodate the director and animators. Something that I often put into the mails when I sent off the scripts. The same applied to this following episode, “Jam and Cake On The Road”, or simply referred to as “Traffic” in the filename.

This was simply to play up two major complaints that might be common around here at the time, traffic jams and the hot hot weather (like it is now, at this current time). Of course, being the cartoon it is, I did play up the effects a lot more than normal throwing in those lines like “hot enough to fry and egg” or “It’s like an oven in here” and taking them to literal levels. I know I’m not the first to do that. In Airplane II: The Sequel, as the space plane headed for the sun, there was a gag about frying bacon and eggs on the side panel of the cockpit!

But with the heat, and given Cing’s on-the-edge personality, I figured I turned up the annoyances, from the air-conditioning not working, the length of the traffic jam, the lanes that always seemed to move which were not you lane… and then having the radio announcer play with them. Can’t remember where that came from, but it seemed silly enough. I think the radio fighting back was a suggestion via e-mail, but they may have come up on that one by themselves.

So, here’s the script for Fun At The Beach. You can compare to the video below.


And here’s the script for Jam and Cake On The Road. Video below (obviously).


There might be one more after this… there was one other script I wrote that hasn’t been released yet.

306866_395347047194617_1372385748_nCingKus Blues is copyright to 3rd Rock Creation.


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