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February 14, 2014 by bck1402

As you can see, the number has a bit of a significance for me that I use it as my online ID. It was a large enough number that if I attached it to my initials, the chances of 1401 people before me taking up those letters seemed unlikely enough. Some might look at it as a year.

As a year, Wikipedia has a few events listed, although the only thing that grabs my attention in that year was the sighting of a comet.

There is a Windows error with that number, a few suggestion on how to fix it popped up during a search on Yahoo.

It’s also today’s date. Depending on how you look at it because in some places like in the US, the month would come first and today’s date would be 0214. And as a date, it’s pretty significant to couples everywhere. The date that most would dread because of all the preparations that have to go into it, to anxiety and the romance that follows to the point that its significance may be diluted. The commercialism that surrounds it might give it a bit of a bad taint. Several businesses would take the advantage to raise prices on some items, simply due to the demand for them (see flowers in particular).

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. The day that can make or break a relationship, depending on what’s been done again what’s been expected.

And if you watch enough anime, you’d know Valentine’s Day is done very differently in Japan. In the typical high school setting, it’s the girls who stress a little over making and distributing chocolates to their intended. Meanwhile, the guys would be sweating away, unsure if they’ll get the chocolate from the girl the actually like. When the guys do get a chocolate, they usually reciprocate a month later on March 14, also known as White Day.

So, while it seem’s pretty slim as a year, it’s got quite a history as a date. YouTube was born on this day in 2005, and you have the infamous Saint Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929. It’s the birthdate to the likes of Jimmy Hoffa, Vic Morrow, Gregory Hines, Simon Pegg and Rob Thomas (and how many of you had to ask “who?” of the first three guys?)

As for why I use it? It’s a red letter day and there are any number of reasons to use a number in such a way. And I wanted to post something up. There are a bunch of other things I wanted to write about, but haven’t gotten around to them because I’m still proofreading the “Journal” again, thanks to a couple of little errors being noticed (like “it” in place of “in”, or “off” in place of “of”, or “to” being missing from a sentence, “he” where “the” should be… bits like that). Just to say that while I’ve gone quiet for now, I’m not entirely absent. And I did get new movie reviews up recently. Find links on the Review Links” page.

So there.


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