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January 16, 2014 by bck1402

So last time, I put up a picture of some Chinese New Year decorations going up at my prefered mall, Queensbay, with the promise of more pictures to come. So here we are, after taking some time to drop by there and snapping away. There’s nothing artistic here – at least, nothing I was trying to capture in an artistic mode, just some snapshots of the decorations.

First up, on the exterior of the center part of the mall, they put up these displays of the Chinese Zodiac animals. There are twelve and in sequence, they’re the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon snake, horse goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Not exactly the best representation. I couldn’t really recognise some of them and only in knowing the animals do you know what they’re suppose to represent. Still, it was an effort, I guess. And they’re supposed to glow at night too…

The central atrium is an open area with a (sort of) skylight. This is where a majority of displays go up, as well as the occasional big scale promotion gig. Taking up the space is a rather elaborate decoration which you can see in this panned shot (click for a bigger view, still shrunk from the original size).

DSC_0128They’ve put something of a village hut, complete with a stable for (fake) horses, since this is the year of the horse coming up. It also looks like there are some food put out for drying. Near the entrance, there are carvings of the Zodiac Animals again, which are pretty good.

The rest of the mall just had more lanterns hanging as decorations. Given the size of the mall, I suppose this made sense from a budget standpoint.

DSC_0134After all, they did have those lanterns hanging under the skylight. I did play a bit with the wide pan function on my phone’s camera. There were four optional directions, and of course, I didn’t go for the typical, trying a more diagonal approach, and ended up with this…

DSC_0127Too narrow for my tastes actually, so I picked another option to have a wider image… and tried again a couple of times. This is the one I like…


Now, if only the people weren’t there… But it’s a mall, whatcha you gonna do?

I did try something else with the wide pan function, just out of curiosity. For the wide pan to work, you – the camera-person – had to be the pivot point. Moving in the direction indicated on the screen, the camera would basically scan the image, something like a strip at a time… I noticed this when one of the images came out with this very odd staggered stripped ‘person’ that I remember moving in the same direction I was panning. Gonna have to try that for real sometime… But what i did instead to to try to make the subject the pivot point and try to move the camera around it.

Didn’t work tho. I kept getting notices that I was either moving the camera too fast or too slow for it to capture any images, or notice any difference in what it was supposed to capture. If I am successful sometime, I’ll put up those experiments.

(All images taken with my Sony Xperia Ion.)


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