Planning for 2014… in Movies


January 4, 2014 by bck1402

*Links to YouTube trailers where available

I’ve done a recap – of sorts – for the movies I saw in 2013 over on the Berning Away site. So, Berning Along will look ahead at what’s coming.

While the calendar for 2015 is filling up fast with some sure-fire hitters (Bond, Star Wars, Avengers, Superman / Batman, etc) 2014 looks to take us to some odd directions. Going into the past with the likes of 300: Rise of an Empire, Noah, Pompeii and a couple of movies featuring Hercules, we’re also heading in the opposite direction. More ‘out there’ than ‘further out in time; with the likes of Guardians of The Galaxy, Transcendence, Intersteller and something with Tom Cruise doing Groundhog Day on a futuristic battlefield. Being a sci-fi / science-fiction fan, there is quite a bit to look forward to, although it does remain to be seen what will reach the screens here.

As one would expect, the first three months are going to be slow. Often a dumping ground for movies that studios can’t figure how to market or, more often, some vanity project that studios can’t see if it would succeed, the movies in the first quarter are often of the mediocre variety. That’s not to say there aren’t a few decent starters to whet the appetite for what does appear to be an extended summer stretch. This is also the period when the local cinemas might catch up on a few dramas. For instance, 12 Years a Slave is currently showing as is the Justin Bieber documentary, and there’s also Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man (why would I want to waste my time there? I can not get that man’s brand of humour). Leftovers coming up include Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Her and Last Vegas in January, The Book Thief (cool), Saving Mr Banks and All Is Lost (also cool) in February.

But really, would any of the following be considered potential blockbusters – The Legend of Hercules (by Renny Harlin, not starring The Rock, that one’s a summer flick), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (the last one with Ben Affleck did not fare well), I, Frankenstein (from the producers of Underworld, the last entry of which also occupied this slot), Robocop (how long since the last one, and this is a remake), Vampire Academy and Divergent (YA novel adaptations hoping to be the next Hunger Games), Pompeii (from the guy who gave us the Resident Evil series), Three Days to Kill (Digital Factory’s action film, couple of years back we had From Paris With Love), and Need For Speed (video game adaptation). There are more, of course… and there would be a few surprises too. Oh, there’s a remake of Endless Love scheduled for February 13 release.

By March, the action will pick up with 300: Rise of An Empire and The Raid 2 popping up. On the cartoon front, I’m looking forward to the time-traveling hijinks of Mr Peabody and Sherman (DreamWorks PDI). And then the Summer stretch kicks off in April with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and DP Wally Pfister taking a hand at directing with Transcendence. At the very least, it’ll look interesting. Muppets Most Wanted closes out April before The Amazing Spider-Man swings in with his sequel. Godzilla’s gonna stomp about too and then the X-Men brings together two generations in Days of Future Past, before Tom Cruise decides All You Need is Kill. Sorry, it’s Groundhog Day at the Edge of Tomorrow.

June’s taking us back to the viking era with How To Train Your Dragon 2 before the box-office gets stomped on into the Age Of Extinction by the Transformers, still directed by Michael Bay. Then we yo-yo to fantasy land with Maleficent, to the near future to witness the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, go back again for Hercules (with Dwayne Johnson, but directed by Brett Ratner. Harlin or Ratner, choose your poison), forward to witness Jupiter Ascending, and head further out to hang with the Guardians of The Galaxy.

Not to sit things out where action movies are concerned, we get a double dose of Jason Statham. First with the remake of Heat (the Burt Reynolds flick, not the one with Robert DeNiro), then with the rest of the aging testosterone brigade, The Expendables, now with added Snipes, Gibson, Banderas and Ford. Michael Bay also makes his presence known with his produced Ninja Turtles (apparently no longer teenaged or mutant). Since he didn’t get to join The Expendables, Denzel Washington puts out his own possible franchise by remaking TV series, The Equalizer.

Heading into the home stretch of the year, the schedules are even more flexible at this point, but we do know that Christopher Nolan intends to take us on a trip to Interstellar places. Disney and Marvel have Big Hero 6 (no, there weren’t five Big Hero movies before this), and then there is the return to Panem for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. Is it me or does Harry Potter have a lot to answer for this- splitting a book into multiple parts. Speaking of which, we should also get the final third of The Hobbit with There and Back Again.

This is just a quick and easy list, following the release schedule for the local cinemas here. There are other movies that are listed which I didn’t mention, and they may be surprises. The Lego Movie looks like fun. The Maze Runner is another YA book adaptation. David Fincher has Gone Girl, George Clooney has The Monuments Men and John Favreau has Chef which stars Iron Man and Black Widow (that’s Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson).

Of course I do have some expectations with some of these movies (Dragon, Transcendence, Intersteller) but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much lest I be overly disappointed. And these are just mostly the Hollywood stuff. Who knows what lies in the Independent fringes or that might come from the shores of other countries (most of which will probably not make it here).

So what would you be looking forward to?


2 thoughts on “Planning for 2014… in Movies

  1. I agree–it’s an exciting year for us sci fi / fantasy fans! I’m especially looking forward to Edge of Tomorrow. 🙂

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