Ready For The Close-Up


January 2, 2014 by bck1402

Sometimes, it really is just all about the texture, hence the flower. Little droplets of water on the petals that sadly do not reflect anything. It was just playing with the camera trying to get as close as possible and see what it could pick up. With the focus on the flower, everything else blurs out, but not as much as expected. It’s not macro photography after all… or is it micro photography? No zoom, no blow-up, although the image was reduced in size, no flash… just the flower with its seemingly crinkly petals and the droplets of water.


And then on New Year’s Eve, one of my mom’s oldest friends was celebrating her birthday, and I got invited along for the typically Chinese course dinner. You know the one where one dish comes after the other, each dish somehow worthy of having its picture taken and shared on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or whatever else. Can never figure out why people need to do that. OK. sure, I’ve done one or two dishes and in this case, there were a couple, but more for what caught my eye than the need to share what I’m eating.

The opening dish was this sweet bun. I think it was peanut on the inside, just a little something to whet the appetite. I’d seen it before, but I took the picture to see if I could pick up the texture of the bun. The printing was a little soft so it wouldn’t ever come out sharp. I know there’s some significance, but I can’t recall what it is right now.


In any case, there was the usual array of dishes, although there were some twists. There would always be a poultry dish, but it was duck instead of the typical chicken. There was a fish dish, a vegetable dish and then there was the prawn dish… which, again, was different. As was its presentation. This was taken a little later into the meal, after most of the diners had a go at the food.


It’s not to say that this massive prawn was going to have a Happy New Year. Or is it a Lobster? It sure didn’t look like one. A Cray, maybe? I really don’t know my seafood because I don’t eat this stuff. Yep, don’t care for prawns or lobster or fish or squid and whatever else that comes out of the sea.

In any case, several pictures were taken by several people and I was the only one who wanted the up-close-and-personal shot… which ended up with several other asking me to take the same shot I had, but with their cameras. It generally looked like this…


Ready for my close-up.

It looks kinda dull, doesn’t it?

It was a pretty cool close-up with that thingy up close and blurry and the eyes just look at you. You’ve got the gorgeous texture of the shell and all its protuberances, making it one freaky scary looking crustacean. Yeah, I don’t like using the flash because it does give out this really harsh bright light and makes everything look fake. But when something like this happens…


High-Beams ON! (Laser-Cannon preparing to fire!!!)

… it’s just a happy coincidence, yeh? The textures on the shell got a little more definition, those thorny bits faded a little in the light. While it is the same prawn as above, it does look different. And that dead eye just comes to life with just that little bit of sparkle. The harsh colours pop out a bit more making it look even more freaky, not to mention that little shred of cabbage over the eyes gives it a scowling look. That’s a mean looking prawn just daring you to eat him. This is a prawn with a tale.

So, apologies to all you lovers of delicate sea-creatures that just a gorgeous looking prawn (or two, actually since there were two tables occupied) got sacrificed for the dinner. He did make a good model tho.

All photos were taken on my Xepria Ion hand-phone with a 9Mb setting.


2 thoughts on “Ready For The Close-Up

  1. Mélanie says:

    everything is magnifique… 🙂 have a serene year and tons of inspiration! my very best and friendly thoughts, Mélanie – Toulouse, France

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