Night Trees


December 23, 2013 by bck1402

It’s not always so easy to take night shots, especially with a handphone. In colour, there’s the same problem with the colour saturation going every which way trying to fill in those areas that don’t have enough light. And yeah, the light is an issue too. I don’t really like using the attached flash.

In this case, the light is a street lamp near the tree. I took several pictures and then picked three of the better ones. I also converted them to black and white to try bring out the contrast (fiddling with the contrast and brightness/exposure settings). The colour shots are untouched, and the only other alteration was shrinking the images down.

So in this first pair, the glow from the street lamp is there at the top, right corner. The twisty branches looked really cool in the light with the shadows giving it an extra gnarly look. I felt it would look better in black and white tho, although I’ve got both side by side for comparison.

Night Tree 01

For this second pair, I tried to get the tree at the back into the shot, so the camera was tilted a little. The tree in the front is the same tree as above. Again, it’s about the branches catching the light, and contrasting it against the tree in the back.

Night Tree 02

For this last pair, it’s the tree from the back of the image above. Further from the light, so the image is a little darker, but in black and white, I nudged the exposure setting a little higher, and got the contrast pushed a little more to enhance the light areas. The leaves are completely dark so they can’t really be seen, even though there aren’t any in the foreground. Or at least, in front of the tree.

Night Tree 03

As usual, just click for slightly larger versions of each pair.


Meanwhile, posted my review for 47 Ronin over on my Berning Away site.

And if I don’t post anything else before the 25th…,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you who have been reading!!!


4 thoughts on “Night Trees

  1. charlypriest says:

    Between you and Mr. Charisma, over there, I´m alway learning cool things about photography.

    Nice pic´s.

    P.S. Since right now I´m in a internet caffe and they seem to not have the LIKE button, I´ll just go ahead and say it….LIKE´D.

  2. doncharisma says:

    Yesterday evening I was walking near the beach, and they’ve cut the branches so the lights aren’t obscured. This leaves these wonderfully lit leaves. Caught my eye (same as you), so I’ve taken some photos. Was wondering how to process them, and had noticed the horrible things my iphone does to night shots. So I’ll have a go at colour, have had a little success with levels and curves. Contrast I adjust a lot on night photos, and the other one I use almost all the time it the highlights.

    If the results are worth posting I’ll put them on my blog:)

    Warm regards

    Don Charisma

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